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Furnishing a bathroom is often a source of satisfaction. For those who love modernity, we have selected a collection of contemporary washbasins. Modern washbasins are the perfect bathroom fixtures for a refined and functional bathroom. The time when the bathroom was an unimportant, cold and essential room in the negative meaning of the term and gone.

Modern washbasins can be installed in every bathroom, providing all the elegance and sophistication they need, in their unusual central position like a monument.
A modern bathroom, with its mix of toilets, bidets, bathtubs, lights, curtains, mirrors, glass and furnishing accessories, finds its design feature in modern bathroom sinks, which symbolize the first place to go to refresh yourself after a long work out or a long day at work.

The ceramic sink is the bathroom fixture that shows naturalness, whiteness and purity dedicated to a person's personal care.

How to furnish the bathroom with a modern sink?

The answer is simple and complex at the same time.
Simple because the bathroom sink is the accessory that allows you to give a magic touch of modernity to the bathroom.
Complex because modern washbasins are available in different shapes, various installation methods and in combination with furniture and vanity units.
A modern washbasin is offered in a variety of different collections and solutions, which meet every need. It will be difficult to make a choice. The Kerasan collections provide many ideas that deserve accurate assessment in terms of aesthetics, functionality and design.

Modern washbasins can be installed both in large and small rooms: they range from the impressive shapes of some free-standing washbasins, result of a true artisan craftsmanship, to suspended or corner washbasins for smaller bathrooms.
A modern-style interior decoration is simple, but you must be sure about the available space and the position to give to the sink. Viable solutions are possible: such as wall-hung, recessed, semi-recessed, counter top washbasins built into a bathroom counter top or cabinets or basins mounted on a floor vanity unit. An alternative is a one-piece, free-standing washbasin in a central position.

The shapes of a modern sink

Modern style washbasins are characterized by plays of water, colour, the sound of the water and their irregular, sinuous shapes.

This is the reason why the shape of the washbasins plays with space, with the flow of water and their attention to detail. They are made of ceramic that, in addition to being high-quality, guarantees high standards of purity and hygiene.
The washbasins are available in a great number of shapes. Concerning the inside of the basin, there are elliptical, round and rectangular bowls with many options: rectangular, angular, square, with rounded edges or bowl-shaped basins.
As you can see, there is a wide range regarding the selection, and the designer, the architect or a simple enthusiast can really develop their interior design project in the best possible way. A project that will be classy, original, with clean lines, created with a mix of wood, ceramic and glass, clear and complementary. A mix that excludes only brass that is the characteristic metal of the retro collections, so it is not mentioned here.

Suspended washbasins stand for both aesthetic and functional modernity, thanks to their minimalism and thanks to the fact that they are simple to clean.
Recessed or semi-recessed washbasins, built in counter tops or cabinets, those on vanity units with metal or wooden legs, symbolise contemporary aesthetic and design, as they are solutions that make the most of available space and they are also easy to clean.

Modern bathroom cabinets are the perfect combination of convenience and design, for their ability to fit in small or large rooms and for the way they play with light and water. Minimalist aspects, free and clean shapes, also live in the characteristic decorated collections by Kerasan. Here the decoration and the colour are not the appeal of vintage-styles but the avant-garde style of the Italian ceramic industry with its renewed, oriental-like colours of significant technical and visual impact.

Clean and fine lines, with an important innovation in shapes, so much that the aesthetic impact recalls a small funnel, a cocktail glass, or a cylinder with rounded sides.

The bottom of these modern washbasins can be decorated in six different colours, five different decorative motifs and has the peculiarity of being removable to facilitate cleaning.