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double basin 140x45 with free standing unit

    One hole wall hung or counter top double basin 140x45 whit Brass free standing unit chrome finish for washbasin

    The Cento 140x45 cm double basin with its metal vanity unit is a high-quality bathroom set. It is a good match in interior design because it makes the bathroom so elegant and functional thanks to highly resistant and easy-to-clean ceramic ware that ensures high standards of hygiene.

    It is a double basin that stands out for its clean and squared lines, distinctive shape and extraordinary beauty, adding extra value to the bathroom.

    It is a piece of furniture that cannot be ignored due to its rigorous, square and captivating shape, like all the items in the Cento line. They all have the same size, 100 mm in height as well as in the width of the area where taps will be fitted. Extremely versatile, the Cento double basin is the ideal furniture solution for successful projects especially if combined with stainless steel or ceramic accessories showing clean and essential lines. With its rectangular shape, this original type of double basin can become a flawless furniture solution.

    A fixture created to decorate the bathroom

    The Cento 140x45 cm double basin is a bathroom fixture that can decorate the bathroom by itself. If combined with the simple and clean lines of the chromed brass vanity unit, it can transform the bathroom into a distinguished, elegant and comfortable space, as simple as it is welcoming.

    A beautiful, convenient and functional sink that, in addition to capturing the attention of clientele, can also “stop the time” as it is so trendy and resistant to wear and tear.

    This great-design double basin is the result of Marc Sadler’s creativity. It perfectly fits into any kind of setting because it is extremely suitable to any type of bathroom furnishing.

    The 140x45 cm double basin skilfully embodies technology and design: it is a true style icon that suits the rest of the furniture well in any beautiful and comfortable living space, perfectly in line with the rhythm and the daily needs of a contemporary world.