Free-standing bathtubs, with their sophisticated design, are characterized as central and elegant furnishing elements
Among the materials selected by Kerasan for their bathtubs, you can find acrylic resin, chosen to meet certain individual needs and designers’ approval.
Oval bathtubs follow today's trends, they break away from the old traditional bathtubs.
A square bathtub is the maximum expression of relaxation, it is the place where you can establish the distinction between well-being of the body and mind and the plights of your daily routine.
Modern bathtubs are revolutionizing the way of conceiving the bathtub, a fact which is evident at first sight.
he rectangle is the classic shape of a bathtub, surely the shape to which we are most used to and one of the most popular in private homes.
Imagine yourself at the end of a day or a week after all your routine tasks.
A bathtub is a real source of comfort: it is aimed not only at personal grooming, but also at resting body and mind.

The distinctive element 'par excellence' of a bathroom is the bathtub.

A bathtub is the centre of well-being and relaxation. Bathing is a habit which combats the stress of modern times. It is a moment of true refreshment and indulgence.

Being the centre of attention in a bathroom is due not only to the use and strategic positioning of the bathtub, but also to the design and the aesthetic function it serves in the room. Kerasan offers a wide range of free-standing bathtubs in acrylic resin and poly mineral. Their design has been produced to offer free-standing bathtubs which are not secondary spaces in the bathroom, but which instead are characterized by the centrality of elegant furnishings.


Free-standing bathtubs are a deluxe element for all environments and architectural compositions. As a matter of fact, when interior designers and architects can work with ample lines and vast spaces, free-standing bathtubs are chosen to be the main attraction in the room. Free-standing bathtubs can be placed anywhere in the room. It is advisable to install filter taps upstream of the plumbing, in addition to preparing a drainage system in the floor. The positioning of absolute centrality makes the development of inspiration almost compulsory. That’s why Kerasan bathtub collections are multiform, have a strong visual impact and look for beauty without hesitating to be bold.

Refined charm leads to the experimentation of shapes and styles that catch the eye and that are well-positioned in the space available. Oval- shaped bathtubs with their soft and sinuous lines fit perfectly in elegant and superb home environments. They are modern bathtubs, sometimes with regular and minimalist roundness, sometimes with a risky shape recreating the lines of a gondola.

Square, back to wall bathtubs by Kerasan are the option to free-standing solutions for small rooms. Small bathtubs are the best offer for those who do not want to do without the pleasure of a bathtub in their bathroom.

THE STYLE: Kerasan bathtubs are almost all modern.

Modern bathtubs provide interest and harmony in the room. The simplicity of their lines can be strictly geometric or can encompass artistic, avant-garde styles. A modern bathtub must be considered a single piece and integral part of the harmony in home environments. It should not be considered something to be placed against the wall but should be the fixture that symbolize the focus of well-being in the bathroom.

Therefore, a modern bathtub has both functional and symbolic value, it is the piece of furniture that expresses the personality and taste of those who decide the interior decoration of the bathroom. The modernity of a bathtub has the visual impact of a neutral colour (the typical white of poly mineral material or acrylic resin) and it provides an innovative architectural impact. This innovation is expressed by rounded, harmonious lines or perfectly squared lines depending on the designer’s inspiration. The Kerasan collection also includes rectangular, trapezoidal and round bathtubs.

Although bathtubs are prevalently modern, there is no lack of vintage and retro style bathtubs, with their claw foot, baroque inspiration, available in white or black.

MATERIALS: Kerasan bathtubs are available in acrylic resin and poly mineral material.

Acrylic is one of the two materials used by Kerasan for design bathtubs. The choice of this material is due to its evident virtues: it is easy to clean even if it requires specific products; it is antibacterial, anti-lime scale, smooth and pleasant to the touch. It provides users with a pleasing visual effect.

Acrylic resin is a resistant material that cannot be affected by external temperature changes. Therefore, it allows you to maintain the relaxing warmth of the water for quite a long time. Moreover, its special shape is shockproof, avoiding the risk of cracks or damage.

Poly mineral is an innovative and weather-resistant material which guarantees maximum hygiene. It is versatile from the point of view of production and design, as well as in terms of the use of the end-product, without overlooking the chromatic aesthetics and purity of design. A biologically pure, odourless, hygienic, solid and very resistant material that has quickly achieved the reputation of one of the best products used in bathtub production.