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The oval bathtubs

Oval bathtubs follow today's trends, they break away from the old traditional bathtubs.
Oval bathtubs are a precise choice of style which breaks away from the typical, old style bathtubs we would have traditionally found in any Italian flat some decades ago.

The choice of an oval shape is a wide-ranging choice. It is likely to become the focal point of the bathroom due to its design and popularity. It is not necessary to install it in narrow or confined spaces nor does it need to be built in with traditional wall tiles.

Thanks to the technical innovation of the material used, the decision to buy an oval shaped bathtub has given the bathroom a new lease of life. It has once again become protagonist and can compete with the trend to adopt shower stalls as a first response to the obsolete solutions of the 70s.

The oval shaped free-standing bathtub has become the star attraction in the relaxation and well-being area of the house. It is no longer an indispensable bathroom fixture placed in a confined corner of the room.
Oval bathtubs are elegant fixtures, on its own or in relation to the rest of the interior design of the bathroom.
They produce a sensation of safety, so that the first-hand experience of washing oneself and relaxing will be unique.

The sinuous lines recall naturalistic and sensual elements. Moreover, like an egg, they represent the shell in which you are able to protect yourself from the stress of the external world and spend magic relaxing moments. The oval bathtub is the centrepiece of the room. Therefore, you must choose it so that it integrates with all the other fixtures of the bathroom.

The visual impact of an oval bathtub is emphasized with the choice of a chromatic play of lights, mirrors, furniture, stools, furnishing accessories, toilets, bidets and washbasins that also form sinuous lines of design.

Kerasan has three types of free-standing oval bathtubs in the catalogue, two of which are in acrylic and one in poly mineral. All of them are suitable for large stylish bathrooms and have a distinct size (82x170, 82x167 and 80x160).

The shapes of the bathtubs are an updated version of the oval line. Sometimes they are designed to recall the precision of an ellipse, others the monumental nature of a fountain shaped like a symmetrical boat that rises on waves, or a futuristic gondola with a bow and a stern deliberately asymmetric to produce visually striking lines.