In a bathroom which is functional, but also nice-looking and comfortable, everything is important. Among all the accessories used to furnish a bathroom, the taps are of great relevance because they are used very often, and their serviceability contributes to daily well-being. Bathroom fittings include taps for washbasins, shower, bidet and possibly a bathtub. There are a huge variety in features, assembly systems and materials. Regarding design, the market offers classic or vintage style taps but also modern and futuristic ones.

How to choose the right taps for your bathroom

When you go into a new bathroom, the most striking accessory that captures your attention is the style of the taps, as well as that of sanitary ware. In this field, the chance of satisfying one's tastes and needs as well as meeting all requirements regardless of the fixed budget is really impressive. Taps with separate controls for hot and cold water in antique style, in brushed stainless steel or copper, are placed in home bathrooms where all of the furniture is inspired by the past. On the other hand, those who prefer an environment in a modern style can enjoy hi-tech taps, such as those with a particular finish that is extremely smooth to the touch, or those with special devices to control the flow of water. The quality of the materials used determines the service life of the taps and above all their efficiency. Obviously, the parts which are subject to wear, such as the gaskets can be replaced, and this possibility extends even more the life span of the taps. The big brands are always very attentive to the environmental impact and the eco-sustainability of their products: stainless steel shower heads that, thanks to an inner turbine, turn on the LED lights without the use of electricity are a good example of this.

The best bathroom fittings include basin mixers and mixer taps

The difference between basin mixers and mixer taps is easily explained as follows. A basin mixer is a tap which mixes both hot and cold water within its domain and delivers water through a single spout unlike two individual taps dedicated to hot or cold water. The two control knobs have different colours, blue for cold water and red for hot water. The gaskets inside wear out, but they can be replaced very easily. This kind of tap is highly recommended in vintage style bathrooms. Mixer taps have a single spout wherein hot and cold water are blended if it’s a single flow type or alternatively the blending happens as the water leaves the spout in case of dual flow. The controls are sometimes dual or even single lever operated but the spout remains distinctly singular. Operating these taps is almost effortless because the tap can be turned on and off by rotating the lever 90 degrees and if you wish the water to remain at the same temperature just leave the lever in a stationary position. Some of the most innovative mixers have an integrated anti-scalding device that ensures high standards of safety especially in families with children or elderly people.

Installing bathroom fittings

Taps can be mounted on the deck of a washbasin, bidet or bathtub as well as on a counter top, or on the wall above the fixture. In the first case, the bathroom fixtures are provided with one or two holes depending on the type of tap which will be used. Regarding washbasins, mixer taps must be high enough to allow you to wash your hands easily, whilst the width of the spout must be plumb the waste hole. Therefore, a higher spout leaves more room for washing hands comfortably, whilst a low spout is more acceptable. Moreover, automatic infrared (IR) tap controllers are available on the market. They are an Infrared based system that detects any interruption of the IR rays produced by our hands or utensils and water automatically starts flowing out of the tap when the integrated sensor captures the movement. These taps work by a simple power supply or a battery. Simple factors such as a flow restriction or thermostatic taps help to limit water wastage.

What to check when choosing bathroom fittings

As the market offers a wide range of taps, careful attention must be paid to some details in order to be sure that we have chosen not only a product that meets our taste, but also a useful and long-lasting bathroom device. The high-quality of the materials used is very important for a product which is used daily because it serves as a guarantee of durability and easy cleaning. However, it is necessary to be sure that the parts which are subject to wear such as gaskets, valves or tap heads are readily available in case of replacement. Flexible hoses and gaskets must be of excellent quality to minimize possible leaks and water damage. Then, it is important to consider the convenience of taps which are designed to be anti-limescale and unleaded as well as free of other potentially harmful substances. Finally, even the warranty can make a difference because a product usually has a 2-year warranty according to European laws, but the manufacturer can extend this warranty up to 10 years for high-quality taps. We would like to remind our clients that the C3 label means that the tap has been created according to water saving policies. The bathroom is where all of us can take care of ourselves and every single detail can turn it into the ideal place to rediscover well-being and relaxation. Frequent use makes the bathroom fittings of great importance and therefore they should be chosen carefully.