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The laundry room is often a hidden area in the house but essential for housewives or housemaids. Rarely accessible to guests, it must, in any case, be convenient and functional. A small place in the house can be made smart and comfortable with the use of a piece of furniture of design which will make better use of the space available and will insure a well-equipped room.

How to enhance the laundry room

A laundry room should be a shrine of freshness, washing and ironing. Despite its dimensions, organisation and tidiness can prevail in the whole area. Thus, customers can find a furnishing solution by combining aesthetics with convenience. In this regard, whitewashed wood folding drying racks are much better than traditional metal ones. Natural wicker baskets instead, will be useful for placing dirty clothes or cleaning products.

Original design laundry rooms

The laundry room must have a minimalist interior design in order to be functional and welcoming. Characterised by straight, squared lines and an essential style, it must be devoid of unnecessary or excessive frills. Therefore, it is advisable to follow a vertical order with clothes hangers, laundry baskets and shelves neatly arranged from the floor to the ceiling to take fittingly advantage of the available footage.

It is also suitable to use a snap-fit organisation, a very functional and aesthetically pleasing expedient to improve the aesthetics of the laundry room. Moreover, it is possible to find room for a folding ironing board and save space when unused if baskets are piled up next to the washing machine and dryer.

A shabby chic style laundry room

Tiles, flooring and pieces of furniture contribute to set up a functional laundry room, lively and beautiful at the same time. Lovers of the shabby chic or New York style can rely on the winning combination of ceramic and wood. In this regard, it is advisable to cover the walls with glossy white tiles to reproduce a setting of original design.

The floors, with geometric or vintage style decorations, produce an old-style effect. Wood is the true core of furniture. Thus, a cabinet with two hinged doors, with a drain pipe and a bottle trap underneath, can be placed just next to the appliances which are the main household electrical appliances in a laundry room. Some types of cabinets, available in different sizes (60x50 - 60x60 - 75x50), can also hold a washing machine, a perfect solution for space issues. On the other hand, double-leaf cabinets have a handy compartment.

However, despite its essentiality and minimalism, the laundry room can include a wash-tub, that can also be used as a washbasin, and organisers which are particularly helpful in temporary or permanent storage of cleaning products, laundry soap and washing-up liquids.

Linen, towels, soaps and toiletries can also be stored in elegant floor or wall-mounted shelving units with solid waterproof feet and a steel baseboard that lift the cabinet up in order to grant high standards of hygiene. Apart from aesthetics, these sturdy and convenient pieces of furniture also have useful inner shelves (out of the reach of children to prevent easy access to hazardous detergents) or open compartments. If necessary, inside the cabinet, it is possible to insert clothes rods or LED lighting.

A well-organised laundry in the bathroom

A laundry can be integrated into the bathroom to compensate for any possible space issues. Depending on the size (in a rectangular or square room) the sanitary ware can be placed close to the walls or lined one next to the other. It is necessary to have a free space equal to the width of a wardrobe to adequately arrange the furniture, and to furnish the area with sectional or modular solutions of different sizes, with drawers and shelves to better exploit the height.

At one’s discretion or personal taste, it is possible to furnish the area with single, double, sliding or folding door cabinets. In any case, in the name of aesthetics, the two rooms can be separated and isolated by means of a curtain. Alternatively, you can choose to leave the furniture in view, and prevent disharmony in style and design. A modular solution includes comfortable wash-tubs with removable laundry baskets, integrated drying rack and a folding ironing board. A modular solution could also boast large rooms in which it is possible to place a front-loading washing machine, but also a dryer, a useful appliance that is often excluded because of its large dimensions compared to the space available. Some units allow you to stack appliances while saving on square meters.

Setting up a laundry next to the bathroom is a neat solution that clearly requires openings to ventilate the room. In case there are no windows or doors, you must provide a forced ventilation system. The choice of colours in the interior design greatly depend on personal taste, but a good impression can be obtained by fragrances. A white laundry room which smells of lavender or cyclamen flowers, immediately evokes the idea of clean, freshly washed clothing.