The sanitary ware industry is catching up with the Coronavirus timeline. Ceramic sanitary ware is becoming increasingly resistant to harmful bacteria

From the soles of shoes to disinfectants: how to protect the house from Covid-19

Have you got space issues in a small bathroom? Is the room so tiny that there doesn’t seem to be room for everything you need?

Unfortunately, dampness is a problem that particularly affects bathrooms, especially those without windows or where the ventilation system doesn’t work properly

Ceramic or fibreglass shower trays, in white or in various colours, are convenient and useful bathroom fixtures.

Beauty and functionality are the keywords when furnishing a home, including the bathroom.

Recently, the bathroom has become a strategic point in the home, no longer a private room to keep away from prying eyes, but a lived-in area where we spend more and more time every day.

Refurbishing large or small bathrooms is a demanding job which requires a wise selection of items aimed at improving the aesthetics and the use of space available.

Many people pay attention to bathroom tiles, sanitary ware and to the interior design but few give the right importance to all the other accessories. One of these is surely the toilet roll holder, a product that gives an extra touch of class...

Reluctance to use public toilets is well-known. In many cases the main reasons are the state of neglect and the low standards of hygiene that affect this important area of a public place.

One may think that this is a problem related to large families only, but this is not true. An extra bathroom is necessary for small families too and sometimes it becomes essential also for young couples.

It is certainly a long-cherished dream for many owners who have enough space available to fit a bathtub inside the bathroom. In addition to being a decorative element, a bathtub is also a source of great relaxation.

A bathroom mirror is high-performing, it is not just for reflecting one's image for washing, putting on make-up or combing one's hair: this incomparable accessory is also an authentic piece of furniture with an ornamental function

Bathroom renovation is a very popular building process because the plumbing system, over time, tends to deteriorate and must be replaced.

It goes without saying, in a bathroom, the sanitaryware play a principle role.

Having a laundry area, however, remains dream, not too secret, of housewives, who know the importance of...

Today a bathroom is not just an environment to which little attention is paid, but one that deserves care and precision in the furnishing choices and solutions.

The bathroom has become, in a modern perspective, a room in which much more time is spent than in the past and it is no longer just a place of passage used exclusively in case of necessity.

In modern homes the choice between wall-mounted or floor-standing sanitary ware, has become complex and requires maximum attention.

Even if the bathroom is not the most important room in a home, it plays a major role.

Immersing yourself in a spacious bathtub and letting your body and mind relax among the bubbles is one of the most beneficial activities you can imagine.

In designing a long and narrow bathroom, the secret is, first, to place, at least ideally on a sheet of millimetre paper, the most cumbersome element.

A modern style bathroom can be both an elegant and practical solution.

The bathroom is the most intimate room in the house and probably also the one where renovation can cause the greatest difficulties, since in some phases the services cannot be used.

When it comes to furniture and design, there are many who tend to prefer the vintage style, a trend which is very much appreciated and always in vogue.