The toilet seat can wear out over time. Constant lifting and lowering several times a day can cause the toilet seat to wear out and need to be replaced.

A bottle trap is an extremely important fitting in the bathroom because, with its traditional U-shape, it has the function of blocking

Mixer tap or two-handle mixer tap? Single-lever or two-handle taps? When it comes to taps, the choice may not be easy,

This type of shower is one of the most modern and contemporary solutions for a stylish bathroom.

Bathtub or shower? Anyone who likes to take a bath with soft foam to start or end the day has no doubt about the choice between these two options.

What are the trends of the new year in the bathroom industry? The novelties will mainly concern style, with a return to the true essence of things, to atmospheres inspired by nature and to beauty through simplicity.

The modern bathroom trend of 2024 features slimline designer shower trays that allow access to the shower without the risk of tripping thanks to their flush-to-floor installation.

Furnishing a small bathroom that is no larger than 5 to 6 square metres seems anything but easy.

Increasingly smaller homes often require solutions that integrate the laundry room into the bathroom.

Relaxing in the shower or bath, applying beauty products, shaving, or applying make-up are just some of the everyday activities that we carry out and for which we need the right lighting.

A laundry room is often thought of as a room that should be hidden from the eyes of guests, yet it needs to be practical and functional.

When deciding to renovate a bathroom, two options are usually considered: completely demolishing the old bathroom and removing the plumbing fixtures or replacing

The washbasin for a minimalist bathroom must be chosen carefully. In this type of bathroom, everything must be homogeneous and harmonious.

What's new about the incentives for buying new furniture that the Italian government has prepared for 2023?

Anyone who dreams of a bathroom in a modern and contemporary style cannot help but consider the possibility of installing matte sanitary ware with minimalist design and clean lines.

Stone resin is a particularly popular material in the making of modern shower trays, as it has countless properties that make it a versatile and extremely practical material

The classic ceramic washbasin is one of the most common and sought-after products for those who need to renovate their bathroom. There are many reasons for choosing ceramics and many advantages that a ceramic washbasin can offer

What shape should you choose for your washbasin? The installation of a rectangular washbasin is one of the most popular and appreciated furnishing solutions, and it is no coincidence that the use of this bathroom feature is already widespread

More and more often the bathroom is considered an oasis of relaxation which should be decorated with style and elegance.

Combining elegance and practicality may seem difficult when it comes to setting up a laundry room inside a bathroom.

The regulations that specify which public places are required to have toilets that are accessible for the disabled also provide guidelines for their implementation

Wall-mounted bathroom cabinets are becoming the central furnishings of the bathroom, taking into account not only elegance, but also practicality. But what is so special about a piece of furniture that combines natural beauty with functionality? Well, le

You are building or refurbishing and the bathroom is almost finished, the walls and floors are tiled, the wall-mounted or floor-standing sanitaryware are already in place

In small bathrooms, a shower tray is often installed instead of a bathtub, because the area requires a space-saving solution.

As an indispensable fixture, a washbasin makes a valuable contribution in defining the style of a bathroom. It is, in fact, one of the first bathroom fixtures that catches your attention just as soon as you cross the threshold of the room.

How do you find the bathroom taps for washbasin, bidet, shower, and bathtub that best fit into the environment and meet your needs?

What are the characteristics you should keep in mind when you are choosing a bathroom sink?

With a little dexterity and DIY experience, you can install a shower tray by yourself. Let us see how to carry out the masonry work properly.

Much appreciated by interior designers who want to develop luxurious spaces, the double washbasin

A laundry room is probably a space far away from prying eyes, but despite that, if you pay particular attention to its design, you will have a perfectly functional, welcoming