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In this section we present our series of wall-hung bathroom fixtures, 8 collections from classic to modern.
A wide range of classic and modern-style floor-mounted bathroom fixtures to furnish your bathroom Floor-mounted sanitary ware
Kerasan classic sanitary ware has been designed to respond to customers who love classic style in all its forms
There are many trendy ideas in this section presenting modern sanitary ware.
Kerasan presents back-to-wall sanitary ware to demonstrate how it is possible to combine aesthetics, efficiency and innovation in the bathroom.
Close-coupled toilets with a cistern, all in one piece, are a valid alternative to conventional sanitary ware
The modern and functional rimless toilets, also known as open-rim toilets, are a good compromise between aesthetic and hygiene.

The bathroom, the core of the house: a place to relax

Today, the bathroom has a much more considerable importance than in the past in the construction and design of a house: it is no longer seen only as a crossing point, but it has become the core of the daily life of the family. This is why, more and more often, great importance is given to bathroom furnishings, with the attempt to choose a unique style, while harmonizing with the rest of the house.

In fact, a bathroom can be decorated with furnishings and sanitary ware that can make the difference and create an exclusive and comfortable space fit for a real wellness centre. The new trends show that the design of a bathroom must include, as one of its priorities, the right choice of bathroom fixtures.

We are increasingly oriented towards products designed to be functional and practical, but which also fit the needs of the homeowner and the space they will furnish. Bathroom fixtures are to be chosen considering shape, colour, aesthetics and quality of the product, while keeping in mind the solutions which will make the bathroom functional and practical.

It is advisable to have definite ideas regarding the sanitary ware to purchase from the start, not only in order to select the best products, but also because there is a whole series of masonry and hydraulic work to be considered, especially if you are going to create a new bathroom or renovate an existing one, bearing in mind the previous placement of bathroom fixtures.

If you want to renovate or create a new bathroom can choose from various furnishing options for sanitary ware: today there are many models and colours that can be taken into consideration in order to create the room of your dreams. If you prefer classic style, you can easily opt for classic bathroom fixtures with sinuous lines and neutral colours like white; if you want to dare, there are many solutions for those who love to play with shapes and colours; you can opt for furniture with unusual geometric shapes and colours in contrast with the chrome that makes each piece extremely refined and unique. The shape and size of the bathroom is also important.

When the bathroom is large, you can have fun, perhaps by choosing furniture with particular shapes. Smaller rooms, on the other hand, will require a different approach, but, in any case, it will not be difficult to make such a space comfortable.

There are a lot of ideas for smaller environments; you will certainly need furniture that fits in a small space and makes it airy. At the same time, the space should not appear uncomfortable and disorderly, and you should not forget style and colour. These two elements can make bathroom fixtures a real object of design.

Design, colour, shape and tradition for a unique bathroom

The most classic choice in furnishing a bathroom may be floor-standing sanitary ware, they certainly never go out of fashion and fit well in any environment. Classic toilets and bidets are not necessarily to be found only in classic settings. On this page, countless floor-standing options are proposed, from wall-mounted sanitary ware to modern bathroom fixtures not to mention the classic sanitary ware of the retro collection with vintage lines updated through rounded profiles, all made exclusively in Italy. Lovers of the purely classic style can choose from the Waldorf collection which boasts an unmistakable traditional flavour, available in both wall-mounted or floor-standing versions.

This kind of bathroom is suitable for all types of environment; it is certainly ideal also for those who want to subdue more modern and particular bathrooms, creating a union between traditional and modern styles.

One of the most popular trends of the moment in terms of bathroom furniture and bathroom fixtures is precisely that of choosing curved lines: the goal is to use these elegant shapes to make the spaces more sinuous. Bathroom fixtures are not only nice to look at but may also be a good alternative for exploiting spaces in particularly small bathrooms.

Traditional or wall-hung sanitary ware?

Maybe it is for the particular form that is clearly different from the more classic lines, or perhaps for the idea of suspension in the void, the fact is that the wall-hung sanitary ware are the most sought-after articles in recent times. It is possible to choose between a wide range of models and collections, such as the Flo wall-hung bathroom fixtures with a rounded design, while the sanitary ware from the Cento and Ego collections have square shapes but soft corners.
The trends of the moment are above all oriented towards the choice of comfortable, yet functional sanitary ware: many choose wall-hung toilets and bidets that, in addition to the undeniable aesthetic value, sometimes transmit a sense of greater cleanliness. In fact, wall-hung sanitary ware, just as the name implies, do not touch the floor: this is a strength even when restructuring, because a new wall-hung toilet is more likely to be chosen rather than a floor-standing one since there will be no stains on the floor to cover up.

Considering again only the aesthetic component, the wall-hung fixtures give the idea of lightness and simplicity at the same time, and the environment will be airier and more harmonious. Although it is obvious that everything depends on personal taste and how you intend to integrate with the fashions of moment, the important thing is to succeed in creating a comfortable and practical environment, without giving up a touch of glamour.