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The modern and functional rimless toilets, also known as open-rim toilets, are a good compromise between aesthetic and hygiene.

What is a rim?

A rim is a part of the toilet. It is the upper perimeter edge of the toilet where the flushing water comes out fuelled by the cistern. The modern rimless toilets feature no jutting edges but only an easy-to-clean smooth surface with a simple design. The latest trends in bathroom furniture show back-to-wall or suspended rimless toilets. The flushing water inside the toilet bowl is highly effective and prevents unhygienic splashes. The modern lines and essential shapes perfectly comply with the requirements of space and design in the bathroom.

Two types of rimless toilets

There are two types of rimless toilets:

- Back-to-wall rimless toilets. Discreet and with a very attractive look, they are fixed tightly to the surface of a supportive wall or item of furniture immediately behind it, so that pipes are not visible. Even if aesthetically more acceptable than the most common toilets, they are more complex to clean.

- Wall-hung rimless toilets. Without any visible supports, wall-hung rimless toilets are literally suspended above the floor. They are compact and comfortable thanks to their elegant, sophisticated and modern style. They give the bathroom a new look thanks to the innovative design. As regards hygiene, they are very functional. Every flush lets the water flow evenly with greater impetus in the toilet pan, perfectly cleaning every inner part of the toilet, without splashing.

The advantages of rimless toilets

Today, the great demand for rimless toilets is due to a series of practical advantages. They require minimal maintenance, an easy and quick clean significantly helps to save time and money. They ensure higher standards of hygiene as the water flushes evenly inside the toilet, easily sanitizing the whole surface.

The shape of rimless toilets enables the water to flow easily and powerfully to remove grime and bacteria, it prevents annoying splashes and drastically reduces water consumption. In addition, the noise emitted by the flushing mechanism is considerably reduced. As regards the financial side, fundamentally there is not a huge difference in price between rimless toilets and the more common ones.