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Every toilet has its own seat cover

Furnishing a room like a bathroom is a real challenge. Unlike the other rooms of the house, indeed, the bathroom is usually reduced in size and each piece of furniture must be well-positioned and made to fill the space.

That's why the choice of the right sanitary ware is of fundamental importance. Once you have chosen the colour, the shape and the size of the toilet you like best to create a beautiful and attractive bathroom, you also need a seat cover that fits perfectly to its shape and, in this field, imagination has no limits: there are round, oval or rectangular seat covers that, besides making the toilet more comfortable and hygienic, improve the style and design of all bathrooms.

Standard or customised seat covers? Pros and cons of a toilet seat

Although there are hundreds of different models on the market, some of which made of the oddest materials on sale, the most widespread and resistant seat covers are made of resin or wood. Consequently, which toilet seat should be chosen, a universal model or a customizable one? Of course, it greatly depends on one’s taste and natural tendency, but both have strengths and weaknesses. One of the main problems of universal seat covers lies in the compatibility with the toilet bowl on which they must be fixed. As a matter of fact, it is very difficult to find a seat cover that fits perfectly to the shape of the toilet.

To solve the problem, however, we highly recommend checking the position of the fixing holes, measuring the width of the toilet and bearing in mind the centre in order to calculate the distance between the fixing screws. In this way, the choice of the toilet seat becomes easier and more opportune. As it is not always easy to find suitable universal toilet seat covers on the market, the ones tailored to your needs are more advisable.

Kerasan seat covers: one for each toilet

It is not by chance that the Aquatech collection by Kerasan, based on the cleanest and most rigorous design, almost minimalist, includes an adjustable, comfortable and ergonomic toilet seat. Thanks to special fixing screws, the Aquatech seat cover remains stable and securely fixed, without any tolerance. Available with chrome hinges, it is the perfect solution for those who love functionality and design in a sophisticated and elegant style bathroom.

The Cento collection has a decidedly more extrovert, dynamic and irreverent style than Aquatech. Its dimensions and shape are the concrete details for a product line based on functionality, comfort and design. The seat cover features round, clean lines and a minimalist style that ensures relax and stability. Moreover, thanks to the fixing screws and chrome hinges it is highly resistant to wear and tear. Specifically, the oval Cento model is unique because it emphasizes a really good design. This seat stands out for a particularly striking, rounded and enveloping form.

In any case, who said that seat covers cannot become cool items like artwork conceived in a rigorous and pure style, planned with attention to detail in order to obtain ever more comfortable, softer and safer toilets? This is the case of the so-called Ego collection by Kerasan. As easily understood, this product line stands out for its remarkable and interesting design.

Having abandoned the soft and enveloping shapes of the Cento collection, here, the utmost severity dominates. The perfectly squared shapes, devoid of sharp edges, create a toilet seat with an almost austere and minimalist allure; an item of revolutionary design produced in the name of functionality, in a sophisticated and almost rigid style. The soft closing system allows the seat cover to fall slowly and vertically on the toilet ring, making a perfect union of elements that improves the use of the toilet on which the seat is positioned. In this way, you cannot run the risk of the toilet seat falling accidental due to the carelessness of its users.

Not only resin or wood: ample space to the development of new concepts

As already stated here above, most of the toilet seats on the market are made of resin or wood.

These two materials, unsurprisingly, are considered best for ensuring stability, solidity and long duration of the sanitary ware, being shockproof, scratch proof and necessarily wear resistant.

Recently, however, there has been a small but significant change of course aimed at using innovative materials such as polyester and wood, especially walnut. Therefore, the seat covers produced with these new materials, are not only aesthetically beautiful, but they are also extremely comfortable and truly inimitable.

The Retro, Tribeca and Waldorf sanitary ware collections by Kerasan include outside-the-box toilet seats featuring harmonious and well-moulded shapes which are the ideal solution to ensure comfort and stability. Finally, the fixing system of the seat is also very important: the screws and the pivots are completely hidden from view and they firmly secure the seat cover to the toilet in order to prevent sudden displacement when being used.

Moreover, the glossy coat turns these seat covers into items of unconventional design.