In the Kerasan catalogue even the most demanding customer can find the best bathroom furniture solution thanks to the wide range of sanitary ware this company produces. Kerasan is very pleased to introduce the Flo Collection featuring clean, essential lines which are consistent with the principle: “less is more”.

Sanitary ware with an attractive and functional design

Our designers have developed minimal style sanitary ware; they have formulated the concept of lightening and simplifying shapes rather than adding detail, with the aim of achieving a pure form and the uniqueness of the substance. Furthermore, the dimensions of the sanitary ware and accessories of the Flo collection are so compact that they fit into any bathroom, even the smallest one. But let's see in detail all the fixtures in the Flo collection: a wide range of washbasins, toilets, bidets, seat covers and much more.

Why should suspended toilets and bidets be chosen?

In this day and age, we are witnessing a gradual re-dimensioning of space. Consequently, it is increasingly common to furnish small areas. We are speaking about tiny flats, one-room flats, mezzanines and lofts obtained when restoring old buildings. In this type of housing, where the bathroom is quite small, it is necessary to find furnishing solutions that take up as little space as possible. For this reason, Kerasan offers a wide range of wall-hung sanitary fixtures because it is a new way of conceiving the bathroom in an elegant, but at the same time, functional style. The toilets and bidets of the Flo collection have been designed and produced with attention to the design, focusing specifically on maintaining compact dimensions. The wall-mounted toilets and bidets are particularly resistant, according to the current safety and ergonomics standards. Moreover, being compact, they can be installed in any type of bathroom. Suspended sanitary ware also facilitate the cleaning operation of the floor underneath while making better use of space. Furthermore, the Flo collection includes a rimless, eco-friendly and attractive toilet for the most demanding customer and a soft-closing seat cover to increase the standard of hygiene.

The Flo collection, an icon of purity and whiteness

As loyal customers already know very well, Kerasan selects raw materials with great care and takes the same care in the search for design and functionality. Kerasan has used the best quality ceramic ware in the manufacturing process of the Flo collection in order to obtain shockproof, scratch proof and wear-resistant sanitary ware while at the same time obtaining an anti-microbial finish aimed at restricting or preventing the growth and breeding of germs, bacteria and other microorganisms. White is also a symbol of cleanliness and it is found in the minimal chic style of the Flo collection. Settings

What kind of bathroom is the ideal location for the Flo sanitary ware?

The Flo collection is addressed to customers who love clean but, at the same time, soft, curvy and more rounded lines. The Flo line is the ideal furniture solution for a modern style bathroom, but also for a classic style bathroom in which elegant and refined interior design prevails.