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washbasin 70 cm

    The Flo washbasin, functionality and elegance in a single bathroom fixture

    The Kerasan washbasin from the Flo collection combines practicality with elegant aesthetics. This single-hole washbasin, counter top or wall-hung, is made of high-quality vitreous china, it is hygienic, very resistant to shock and scratches and very easy to clean. This type of basin, since it is wall-hung, is appreciated because, not having a base resting on the floor, it is more functional and ensures better cleaning. The versatility of this washbasin from the Flo collection has no boundaries.

    This basin is also available in the counter top version and can be placed on a base with simple and essential lines, or on a solid wood or ceramic top, perfect to be integrated into furnishings with vintage lines in a classic style. The Flo single-hole basin measures 70 cm, it is large and practical and for this reason fulfils all its functions. The sink must be extremely functional because it is the most commonly used bathroom fixture. This is where you wash your face, hands and teeth and this large and innovative sink allows you to do all of this comfortably. It is also designed with the right width to contain water and at the same time its technologically-advanced design facilitates keeping it clean.

    The Flo washbasin, the essence of elegance

    A modern bathroom is an environment of high technological value where sanitary ware have become real protagonists. The Flo collection basin with its harmonious shapes becomes a real design element with great decorative and ornamental value that together with the toilet, the bidet and the tub, is a valuable piece of furniture able to make every bathroom elegant. The Flo basin is 70 cm wide and is ideal in large bathrooms to enhance the whole environment.

    This basin is of great visual impact with its original, rounded shape and is ideal in luxurious and sophisticated bathrooms. The Flo collection washbasin by Kerasan is completely made in Italy and is the result of a skilful artisan tradition that, combining a unique aesthetic and a very high technology, has created a unique product able to challenge times and fashions. The pure and essential shapes of this Kerasan washbasin are an added value that manages to summarize the decorative requirements together with the functional ones, making this basin indispensable in environments which you want to furnish with style. The Flo washbasin is ideal for those who do not like common sanitary ware with square shapes but want an object with pure and harmonious lines able to customize the whole environment and make it extremely exclusive.