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The Deco washbasin collection is perhaps the flagship of the entire production so much that Kerasan is very proud of. It is the result of the inspiration and creativity of the artist Marco Pisati who autographs this truly original concept which is extremely suitable for a striking bathroom. The collection includes three attractive washbasins with small, round, decorated dishes in the bowl that hide the traditional waste plug. Thanks to this touch of colour, Kerasan business experts are convinced they can satisfy any customer who wants to be a bit artistic and wants a very special fixture for his bathroom.

So, let's discover in detail all the features of the Deco collection, the various small dishes for each washbasin, some of them in a solid colour and others with more decorative patterns or printed damask cloth. Each decoration provides different sensations. Kerasan hopes to add a touch of style and elegance to any bathroom in which the Deco collection is installed.

Solid colours

The Kerasan Deco collection can meet the requirements imposed by classic style: the result will be impressive. The small round dishes are available in gloss white, black, grey and burgundy, adding a touch of delicate and extremely elegant style to the interior design of the whole room. The last three colours are also available in a matte finish: considered as a very fashionable variation today.

Kerasan offers their clientele three washbasins where it is possible to place the small coloured dishes: Cocktail, Flute and Hurricane. They are three free-standing washbasins that stand out for the beauty of the ceramic, the essential, clean lines of the shape and the shininess of the white glaze. They can be placed on a cabinet or on a bathroom worktop positioned in different places in the room, complying with the existing plumbing system and depending on the space available.

Cocktail has a wide bowl and resembles a cocktail glass as is clearly implied by the name. Flute features a more cylindrical shape, whilst Hurricane, due to its rounded shape, looks like a contemporary sculpture. All three washbasins are made of high-grade ceramic, masterfully prepared and treated to be shockproof, scratch proof, antibacterial and wear resistant. Each sink can be embellished with the small round dishes of the same collection, adding a touch of colour to these unique washbasins, and helping to create an original and customised bathroom.