Hannah Glasse is a rectangular sink with simple yet clean lines that gives the kitchen the practicality needed for daily housework and a refined aesthetic that also suits open spaces.

A semi-recessed washbasin, as the name suggests, is partially recessed into the vanity top, and partially protrudes.

The timeless elegance of the finest ceramics blends with the delicate oak wood grain of the vanity cabinet, making the washbasin area a true oasis of physical and mental well-being.

The square bathtub, with its unusual and refined beauty, becomes the big star in the most stylish bathrooms

The shape of a goblet glass inspired the Flute washbasin of the Deco collection, a line that comes from the inspiration and creativity of designer Marco Pisati

This bathroom is equipped with elements that evoke memories of the splendour of past times.

With Tribeca sanitary ware, you can recreate the charm and atmosphere of the famous New York neighbourhood, to which it owes its name. Indeed

Taps are essential to perform daily activities in the bathroom. After choosing the toilet, bidet, and washbasin, we often think we are done, but can we even imagine a washbasin without a tap?

Bathroom renovation 2023, what tax benefits can still be claimed? What tax incentives are still available for those who want to renovate a bathroom in 2023?

The task of a piece of furniture in a bathroom is to provide storage space, but also to enhance the style and welcome users: these are the three features of the Nolita wall-mounted vanity unit

The Decò washbasin was born from the intuition and creativity of designer Marco Pisati, who wanted to offer his customers a bathroom fixture that would guarantee maximum practicality and, at the same time, exceptional elegance

How to decorate a bathroom in a beach house? Summer is just around the corner, and it's time to refresh your holiday home, perhaps by making a few small changes or even planning a complete bathroom renovation. Here are three valuable tips for refurbishing...

A round bathtub is a rather unusual solution, which is nevertheless used to add a glamorous touch of style and great comfort to rooms intended for personal hygiene and wellness

The washbasin is one of the most important fixtures in the bathroom. Here you will learn how to carefully choose the one which is best for you

Kerasan's Flo washbasin will make a bathroom of any size, practical, versatile, and elegant.

The acrylic bathtub is a real revolution in bathroom design thanks to its numerous advantages.

A towel rail is an indispensable accessory in the bathroom. Careful selection will result in a bathroom accessory that is both beautiful to look at and easy to use.

Sanitary ware plays a fundamental role in the decoration of a modern bathroom, and meticulous design should always combine elegance and functionality perfectly

The bathtub is the defining element of the bathroom, and it is important to choose the model that best reflects the interior style.

When we think about the advantages of quadrant shower trays, we mistakenly think that they can be used only in small bathrooms. But is that really the only advantage these models offer over standard shower trays, or are there others?

NoLita wooden basin shelves are a great solution for any bathroom countertop. They not only add warmth and character to your bathroom, but also provide practical storage space for your toiletries and other essentials

Classic sanitaryware for vintage bathrooms are characterised by round and soft shapes and a design which is reminiscent of the retro style of the 1920s and 1930s.

How to choose a washbasin for your bathroom? A good solution is the Cento double washbasin, which decorates a large bathroom in a special way

From a collection whose name is inspired by one of New York's most famous neighbourhoods, comes a sanitary product designed for furnishing trendy bathrooms

The seemingly incidental toilet seat and cover is actually an indispensable accessory. With the right features for your needs, it ensures a functional and comfortable toilet for the whole family. Here are some suggestions for the right choice

A urinal is an element intended to equip the bathroom in turnkey projects, and it is not uncommon to encounter public toilets with wall-mounted urinals

High-quality ceramic washbasins and steel vanity units are part of the Thelma&Louise collection, a furnishing solution that gives the bathroom an extraordinary style, in a combination that expresses fragility and strength, creating a perfect unity

The ideal bathroom furniture should always consider the right balance between practicality and impeccable aesthetics. The Cento Collection sanitaryware and furniture are designed to enhance the bathroom and provide maximum comfort to all users

Traditional sanitaryware prove to be the perfect bathroom solution when you want to evoke a vintaged atmosphere, allowing lovers of classical tradition to have a romantic and retro style environment.

The bathroom has undergone profound transformations over time: from a simple restroom it has become an area of the house that needs to be furnished with extreme care. Kerasan, a company based in the ceramic district of Civita Castellana