Washbasins are one of the undisputed protagonists of bathroom furniture. They are becoming increasingly eye-catching and are available in different shapes and materials.

Tra le varie tipologie di lavandini presenti in commercio, i lavabi da appoggio rappresentano spesso la soluzione perfetta per coloro che vogliono conferire alla stanza da bagno

Stone resin is an increasingly popular material for the manufactures of modern shower trays

Inset basins can prove to be the perfect solution for trendy bathroom furniture.

With their compact and attractive design, the No Rim toilets offer major benefits in terms of water conservation and prove to be the perfect sanitaryware for a minimalist

Why should you opt for a corner shower tray? Utilising a corner is certainly a successful strategy in small bathrooms.

Why should you choose a ceramic washbasin on a wall-hung vanity unit for your bathroom?

For many years now, we have been moving away from the idea that the bathroom should only

The vintage bathroom never goes out of fashion, and bathroom fittings with striking lines give the room a timeless look reminiscent of luxury and sophistication.

What is the switch-off hand sprayer? A newer interpretation of the traditional toilet brush offers many more advantages in terms of hygiene

In recent years, we have already observed a trend in which wall-hung sanitary ceramics have become the protagonists of bathroom design.

Renewed furniture bonus for 2024, but with some innovations, including lower sums for the maximum deductible amount.

A bathroom in a hotel room requires special care and attention in its design because it must combine aesthetics and functionality.

Tempered glass has always been one of the most commonly used materials for shower enclosures. It offers many advantages

Ceramic sinks are evergreen elements that combine classic style with incredible durability. Increasingly popular, they have a modern style

When we talk about bathroom furniture, accessories are also particularly important.

A rectangular shower tray is the perfect solution for furnishing your bathroom when it comes to making a large bathroom more functional

More people are expressing a desire to find modern solutions for their bathroom that are also combined with traditionalist style elements.

Anyone who suffers from walking difficulties knows how important it is to be able to rely on sanitaryware

An oval shape with rounded edges characterises this washbasin which is inspired by tradition and at the same time reinterpreted in a modern way.

How to choose the best taps for your bathtub? As it is a key element in the design of the bathroom

The bathroom is conceived more and more often as a space where comfort and design are combined.

The possibility of having a half bathroom in the house is certainly a solution that 'saves' the morning routine and proves invaluable in the case of guests.

Around the washbasin we perform all those actions that serve to care for our skin and beauty.

La stanza da bagno è il tempio del benessere, quello nel quale ci rifugiamo per prenderci cura del nostro corpo. Per questo motivo tutto dovrebbe essere sempre perfetto, sia sotto il profilo della praticità che dell'igiene.

Choosing a washbasin for small bathrooms requires special care and attention. While standard washbasins are generally available with a width of 60 cm and a depth of 50 cm

A square bathtub is considered a luxury item, especially since it is large enough to be installed in a spacious bathroom.

Sanitary ceramics Made in Italy, what are the advantages? A less observant eye often misses the difference between an inferior product and sanitary ceramics Made in Italy.

The semi-recessed washbasin is one of the most popular choices when it comes to ensuring user-friendliness in well-furnished environments.

A toilet seat and lid may seem like a secondary element in bathroom furnishings, but over the years it has more and more often become a design factor that is also functionally essential for using the toilet. Among the models available on the market, the