Have you already decided to install an easy-to-use shower in your bathroom? If you have a bias towards an overhead jet of water rather than a bathtub, it is time to decide where to install it and, consequently, the shape of your shower tray.

Once considered exclusively as a room where we hide our sanitary fixtures, the bathroom has gradually become an area for relaxation. Numerous top-rated companies have thus begun to think of it not only as a place for a washbasin, bidet, toilet, shower

An essential sanitary fixture in a bathroom is the washbasin, a ceramic bowl that combines usability with the extraordinary power of enhancing the room with distinctive traits.

Kerasan is a company based in Italy that has been producing high quality ceramic sanitary ware for 60 years... Its catalogue is full of stunning pictures of shower trays, bathtubs, bathroom fixtures, washbasins, and other interior design items.

Bath design is the art and science of enhancing the bathroom and even the smallest detail must be carefully considered if you aim at noteworthy results like those depicted on the most famous covers of trade magazines.

As an indispensable fixture, a washbasin makes a valuable contribution in defining the style of a bathroom. It is, in fact, one of the first bathroom fixtures that catches your attention just as soon as you cross the threshold of the room.

In recent years the bathroom has undergone a radical transformation: if in the past it was simply a service room, today, instead, it is a space to be furnished with extreme care.

A product Made in Italy is often linked to quality and excellence, but what is concealed behind it?

The Artwork collection was born with the precise intention of bringing a completely new style into the bathroom

From Marc Sadler's inspiration and creativity emerges a collection designed to furnish an elegant bathroom with style and character.

An exclusive bathroom is the result of the perfect union of shapes and fixtures designed to offer maximum functionality in everyday life.

Choosing the ideal bathtub is possible thanks to the bathtub collection by Kerasan, a line that suits a bathroom in which design and well-being are required.

Good bathroom lighting can transform a space into a very stylish environment and it must also be sufficiently bright for decorative and functional needs.

The rim is the inner edge of the toilet bowl under which the water, coming from the toilet cistern, flows every time we flush the toilet.

In fase di ristrutturazione bagno oppure quando si vuole dare un nuovo look alla stanza, la scelta degli elementi è sicuramente un fattore fondamentale per la buona riuscita del progetto.

What are the trendy colours for a modern bathroom? Planning spaces with delicate nuances capable of releasing intense emotions is certainly the dream of many people.

The kitchen is undoubtedly one of the most important rooms in every house

Sanitary fixtures with bold designs included in the Tribeca Collection by designer Alessandro Paolelli for Kerasan are destined to become the star attraction in any bathroom

From the project designed by Massimiliano Cicconi a bathroom collection that conquers all customers thanks to its sinuous, rounded lines takes shape.

Perfect for those looking for maximum functionality, double sinks give the bathroom a truly sophisticated look

In this section, we present the ceramic counter top basins divided by collection, a wide range from modern to classic

Squared lines and soft corners: this are the 'leitmotif' of the Ego counter top washbasin collection

The Aquatech wall-hung washbasins are beautiful and functional

Kerasan displays its new eco-friendly and functional collections in a pure and simple design at the well-known German trade fair ISH 2019.

In a truly contemporary style bathroom, aesthetics is very important. No sanitary fixtures in a vintage retro style or furniture of conventional design

The counter top basins of the Cento collection introduce a touch of style and prestige in the bathroom.

As a matter of common knowledge, the bathroom has become the new star of the house thanks to renovation and upgrading.

The tap is now an object of daily use, whose presence in any house is now taken for granted. However, have you ever wondered about its history?

More and more frequently people choose suspended sanitary ware for their bathroom: it is a viable solution that offers many important advantages.

A round washbasin on a bathroom countertop made of concrete, wood, ceramic or any type of stone is one of the most popular bathroom furnishing solutions of recent years.