Traditional sanitaryware prove to be the perfect bathroom solution when you want to evoke a vintaged atmosphere, allowing lovers of classical tradition to have a romantic and retro style environment.

The bathroom has undergone profound transformations over time: from a simple restroom it has become an area of the house that needs to be furnished with extreme care. Kerasan, a company based in the ceramic district of Civita Castellana

How do you decide which taps to use for your bathroom? The choice of washbasin, bidet, bath and shower taps is not only a matter of personal preference and style

The Retro collection by Kerasan aims to create a bathroom in the inimitable style of the past, which never seems to go out of fashion. A bathroom that brings back memories of the opulent charm of yesteryear

The Waldorf collection has been produced to pay tribute to the sumptuous architecture of the well-known Waldorf Hotel in New York. Elegant and luxuriously designed sanitaryware reflect the style of the hotel which proves to be particularly suitable

Have you already decided to install an easy-to-use shower in your bathroom? If you have a bias towards an overhead jet of water rather than a bathtub, it is time to decide where to install it and, consequently, the shape of your shower tray.

Once considered exclusively as a room where we hide our sanitary fixtures, the bathroom has gradually become an area for relaxation. Numerous top-rated companies have thus begun to think of it not only as a place for a washbasin, bidet, toilet, shower

An essential sanitary fixture in a bathroom is the washbasin, a ceramic bowl that combines usability with the extraordinary power of enhancing the room with distinctive traits.

The bathroom has undergone a profound transformation in recent years, from a simple bathroom into a space dedicated to body care and well-being. Fixtures and fittings should serve the purpose of making your normal, every-day routine as simple as possible

The evolution which has occurred in bath decor in recent years has led producers to develop new shapes and lines that combine the practicality that every space dedicated to body care should be able to offer with an increasingly sophisticated design.

Kerasan is a company based in Italy that has been producing high quality ceramic sanitary ware for 60 years... Its catalogue is full of stunning pictures of shower trays, bathtubs, bathroom fixtures, washbasins, and other interior design items.

The collection inspired by the English cookbook writer Hannah Glasse is a line of sinks with different shapes and sizes, designed to furnish the kitchen by ensuring a high grade of functionality. Design and functionality

The bathroom has always been a place typically intended for body care and beauty, personal hygiene, and relaxation. In a nutshell

Bath design is the art and science of enhancing the bathroom and even the smallest detail must be carefully considered if you aim at noteworthy results like those depicted on the most famous covers of trade magazines.

In recent years the bathroom has undergone a radical transformation: if in the past it was simply a service room, today, instead, it is a space to be furnished with extreme care.

The washbasin undoubtedly takes the place of honour in the bathroom, being the fixture that first captures the attention of anyone crossing the threshold.

Of course, a shower enclosure with transparent glass and a flat bar frame is the ideal solution to delimit the shower area and prevent any water from splashing into the room.

A top-class bathroom requires special care in the choice of sanitary ware: even small details can make the difference.

How to choose your bathroom taps? Basin or bidet taps are essential fittings for your daily routine.

The Aquatech collection is the result of the flair and creativity of the designer Massimiliano Cicconi

When choosing a bathtub, other than choosing size and shape, a careful evaluation of the materials used is essential.

The antique charm of vintage designer objects inspired the designers Alfredo Anzellini and Massimiliano Cicconi

The bathroom is no longer considered only a utility room, but rather a space to be furnished with attention to detail in which each fixture is not only convenient but also stylish.

A product Made in Italy is often linked to quality and excellence, but what is concealed behind it?

The Artwork collection was born with the precise intention of bringing a completely new style into the bathroom

From Marc Sadler's inspiration and creativity emerges a collection designed to furnish an elegant bathroom with style and character.

An exclusive bathroom is the result of the perfect union of shapes and fixtures designed to offer maximum functionality in everyday life.

Choosing the ideal bathtub is possible thanks to the bathtub collection by Kerasan, a line that suits a bathroom in which design and well-being are required.

Good bathroom lighting can transform a space into a very stylish environment and it must also be sufficiently bright for decorative and functional needs.

Despite the fact that the bathroom is one of the most important rooms of the entire house, often, it is not given the attention it deserves.