Bathtubs: type of materials used

The bathtubs of the Kerasan collections are made of a particular choice of materials. Kerasan produces collections in poly mineral and in acrylic.

Poly mineral is an innovative material that represents a mix between the aesthetic choice of chromatic purity and time and weather resistance with a coating material that guarantees hygiene and functionality. "Purity" is revealed in its colour that remains unaltered and translucent over time, in the practically invisible seams of the modern bathtubs and in its pleasantness to sight and touch.
It is one of the most hygienic materials for coatings and has characteristics of strength and durability. It is also flexible and suitable for the most elaborate design creations.

Acrylic is one of the most commonly used synthetic materials for designer bathtubs, used for its features that make it perfect for the needs of the bathroom.
It is an antibacterial material, easy to clean since it is very "smooth", and it is also pleasant to touch and visibly very nice to look at.
It is also characterized by being "hot", that is, it is an excellent thermal insulator, perfect for relaxing baths, for those who demand a constant water temperature while bathing.

It matches ceramic sanitary ware, as it perfectly maintains its white colour, thanks to the resistance to UV rays which prevents it from becoming yellow. In case of scratches, it can be sanded and polished, thus maintaining its original shiny appearance.

Bathtubs sizes

The bathtubs of the Kerasan collections have different sizes to make them suitable for all environments. Both small and large tubs are available.

The dimensions of the rectangular, oval and free-standing tubs vary between 700 mm and 820 mm in width, 1,600 and 1,700 mm in length and 550 and 650 mm in height. The collections with a circular shape have a diameter that varies from 1,200 to 1,400 mm, while the one with a square shape has 1,200-mm sides.

The shape and the styles

The style of the Kerasan bathtub is well suited to modern environments, as the aesthetic effect is modern. We can distinguish between more conventional lines and innovative cutting-edge experimental designs.

The Kerasan tubs are particularly suitable for free-standing installation, but there are models that can be installed in a corner or at the centre of a wall. The G&M collection in Poly mineral is characterized by tubs with square or rectangular shapes with squared, rounded or oval angles. The acrylic bathtubs, on the other hand, have rectangular shapes with rounded corners, sinuous and feminine lines, original and functional trapezoidal shapes and tubs which are reminiscent of a Venetian gondola.