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G&M square polymineral bathtub

    Square G & M bathtub

    The G & M collection square bathtub is the most suitable and certainly the most original solution for a bathroom that requires something special.
    Whether installed in a master or half bathroom, this bathtub which expresses a touch of freshness and dynamism, will make the environment unique and refined thanks to its apparently simple and elegant design.

    Rigorous only in design

    Seemingly sharp-cornered and uncomfortable, the square G & M bathtub will be a real surprise: made of Polymineral, a resistant and handy material, it is a true masterpiece of modern design, which perfectly fits any type of bathroom.
    Thanks to its compact dimensions, 120x120 cm, the G & M bathtub can be easily installed in any bathroom combining style, elegance and dynamism perfectly.
    Suitable for a modern and fresh-looking bathroom, this bathtub finds its strength in a free-standing installation, which makes it even more attractive and dynamic. It is also very comfortable and appropriate for relaxation and well-being, thanks to the gently rounded and enveloping corners.
    Like the other G & M collection bathtubs, the overflow hole, in the form of a thin chrome slit, is placed on one of the four perfectly equal sides. Finally, the lack of space on the tub deck for installation of a bath filler obliges buyers to fix a wall-mounted mixer shower or a free-standing bath shower mixer standpipe, which makes the G & M bathtub even more unique and original.