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Shower trays

A good shower tray must be made of a high-quality material, a resistant ceramic and a bright glaze to look at, smooth and pleasant to the touch.
Square Retro shower trays have been designed to prevent clogging. They feature non-slip embossed patterns on the standing area and a drain hole.
Acrylic corner shower trays have a considerable advantage because they can be easily cut to obtain the necessary dimension. Therefore, they are the best solution for a small bathroom.
The slope permits excellent draining and with a total height of 25 mm the shower tray may be installed normally on the bathroom floor or sunk in level with the flooring

Shower trays are available in two materials: acrylic and marble resin.

Acrylic shower trays

Acrylic shower trays are available in a rectangular, square and angled shape.

Acrylic for sanitary ware is an inert, hygienic, resistant, non-porous material thanks to anti-limescale and shockproof characteristics which avoid stains or damage. Moreover, it allows an easy sanitation.
The acrylic used in shower trays also includes an anti-slip system, a coat of high-performance epoxy-acrylic paint in a bright glossy finish, very resistant to stains and unlikely to turn yellow over time.

Shower trays are easy to clean thanks to home remedies or industrial, chemical cleaning products. Steam cleaning is also possible.

Acrylic shower trays are available in two versions, one floor-level, 3 cm high and another 9 cm high.

Acrylic shower trays have wooden slats drowned in fibreglass, to ensure greater strength.

The removable and lowered drain plug (less than 6cm high) with a diameter of 9 cm allows the outflow of 25 litres of water per minute.

The 3 cm-shower tray is easy to install both in the free-standing and the floor-level version.

The 9 cm-shower tray has adjustable steel feet that prevent it from flexing during use. It can also be used as a recessed shower tray, easy to be installed in partial renovations without having to remove old plumbing systems.

The installation of the acrylic shower tray requires little time and work.

Marble resin shower trays are only 25mm high and they are suitable to be mounted on the floor or at floor-level.

What is marble resin?

Some minerals are mixed with resin to create a material that guarantees high technical and structural performance and it is ideal for shower areas.

Resin shower trays are characterized by the pigmentation in which a special mixture makes the inside and the surface of the product the same colour.

These shower trays are suitable for a floor-level or above-floor installation thanks to the height of only 25mm and an inclined area that facilitates the water drainage with only a height of 25 mm. The surface is non-slip thanks to the application of a stone-textured finish.

It is also worth noting that this kind of shower trays can be easily cut with a circular saw in case of installation which is out-of-square.

The shower tray is supplied with a drain pipe and a stainless-steel drain cover and is available in the following colours and finishes: matte white, anthracite, matte grey, matte cream. Matte is the "opaque effect" finish, a new trend in modern and contemporary interior bathroom design.

The dimensions of shower trays

Shower trays in marble resin are available in square and angled shape and they are sized 80x80 or 90x90 cm. Both are 2.5 cm high.

Regarding small rectangular shower trays, they range from 70 up to 90 cm in depth and from 100 up to 140 cm in width. Larger rectangular shower trays also range from 70 up to 90 cm in depth and from 160 cm up to 180 cm in width.

Shower trays in acrylic are available in two different heights: 3 cm and 9 cm. Both have the following dimensions in terms of width and depth: 80 cm, 90 cm and 100 cm for corner and square shower trays. Rectangular acrylic shower trays range from 72 up to 80 cm in depth and from 90 up to 170 cm in width.