RETRO' Design Alfredo Anzellini, Massimiliano Cicconi


A classic style bathroom interior design, adapting to homes, hotels, thermal baths, wellness centres and all exclusive environments, is the perfect solution for all those designers who search for timeless elegance, precise refinement and high-quality design.

Ceramic, as a refined, classic material, is the natural star attraction of the Retro range, a vintage collection signed by Alfredo Anzellini and Massimiliano Cicconi. Elegant, traditional geometries which are not out of style and memories of the "Belle époque" and Provençal styles, make the collection perfect for all the most refined locations, in which the bathroom elegantly competes with all the other rooms.

The charm of the past inspires the entire collection. With soft and nostalgic shapes, the Retro collection evolves into cutting-edge technical solutions as it is perfect for bathroom interior design. From bathroom fixtures to decoration, from furniture to bathtubs, this collection also includes bathroom accessories.

For all these reasons, the Retro range aims at different sectors of the construction industry, such as private or public projects, and it is one of the most popular collections on the market.

Vintage style sanitary ware

Retro is a complete line which adapts to everyone’s need, suitable for those who have little space and prefer suspended sanitary ware and washbasins. This is the reason why it is a collection with an antique flavour and modern technology. In the Retro collection we can count vintage style wall-hung toilets and bidets, back-to-wall toilets and bidets, and the original and classic style close-coupled toilets. Moreover, the plenitude of this collection is also highlighted by the S/P trap toilet bowls with low-level or high-level cisterns. The bathroom fixtures are produced with timeless oval and classic shapes, curvatures with prominent edges and rounded corners.

The classic-style retro washbasins

The Retro collection washbasins are available in a variety of assembly methods and sizes. After all, this collection is suitable for diverse furnishing needs and certainly, there is no shortage of models. You can find suspended washbasins on floor vanity units (with metal legs), washbasins on chromed brass vanity units, inset basins, wall-mounted corner washbasins, washbasins on pedestals and even small suspended hand washbasins.
The ideal washbasin to be mounted on a pedestal is available in three sizes: 55x46, 69x52 and 73x54 cm. As for larger sizes, it is important to note two models of equal dimensions in width and depth (100x55 cm), but different in shape. One is a rectangular console basin with a deep oval washing area and aluminium legs. The other has a traditional rounded shape and it is also available with a chromed brass vanity unit. The whole range ends with two models of recessed basins of different sizes (62x46 cm) and (50x41 cm), a corner washbasin (which fits well in the smallest bathrooms and in the working world) and a small suspended hand washbasin (41x32 cm).

Vintage-style shower trays

Shower trays are characterized by an anti-slip surface made of classic embossed squares that prevent slipping and a layer of acrylic on the slippery surface. The classic style is also evidenced through the technical expedient of raised rims that recalls the more traditional forms as opposed to the new minimalist trends of the shower tray which is flush to the floor.
Shower trays are available in three sizes:
square shape (80, 90 and 100 cm)
rectangular shape (80 × 96 cm angular, 80 × 92 cm for a niche)
semi-circular shape (80 × 80, 90 × 90, 80 × 120 cm)

Acrylic bathtub with chromed support feet

The vintage style bathtubs by Kerasan, made of acrylic resin, are characterized by a shell shape recalling the early twentieth century style and by brass support feet.
The choice of acrylic resin is the result of a combination between the research of elegant, antique shapes and the latest technical innovations.
The retro acrylic bathtub is 77x170 cm in size. It is recommended to install filter taps upstream the plumbing system.
The bathtub is free-standing and oval-shaped, with asymmetric and harmonious raised rims evoking the Victorian atmosphere and the British imperial splendour.
The bathtub is available in two colours: black and white, symbols of purity and elegance.
The brass support feet are available in various finishes: white, chrome, bronze and gold.

Vintage style bathroom accessories.

Retro is an all-round line addressing private and public projects where a full set of bathroom accessories is a must and in fact, its total union of harmony and design is depicted here. Among the classic-style accessories that satisfy all the needs of the contemporary world, we can include the toothbrush holder, soap holder, soap dispenser, toilet roll holder with lid, towel holder, glass shelf, robe hook, side towel rail and the free-standing toilet brush. Also noteworthy are the elegant wall lamps for bathroom lighting, available with a white or black lampshade or with the light in plain view.