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Washbasins 50x41

    The best solution for a bathroom with compact dimensions is certainly the Retro collection 50x41 washbasin by Kerasan.

    Thanks to its compact size, this decidedly vintage and classic washbasin is suitable for all bathrooms. Its characteristic shape, resembling a semi-sphere, makes it perfect for a sober, dynamic and innovative interior decoration, without doing without the charming elegance of the past.

    The distinctive trait of this washbasin is undoubtedly the way it is meant to be assembled. In fact, it is a recessed washbasin, which can be easily built in a top made of different materials. The only part of this sink that remains visible will be the elegant rounded edge, insuring orderliness and simplicity on the whole bathroom counter top.

    The 50x41 washbasin is made of high quality, white ceramic. As you can see in the technical sheet, this recessed washbasin has no tap holes. This is because a unique and elegant tap is meant to be installed on the worktop, making the bathroom even more special and trendy, changing the whole environment into a perfectly fashionable and classy retro atmosphere.