The counter top washbasins are one of the most refined and functional choices if you want to furnish a modern bathroom, enriching the room with harmonious lines and great visual impact.
Suspended washbasins to complete the interior design of your bathroom: discover all the models available in our collection!
Suitable for any type of top or furniture, built-in high quality washbasins Kerasan
Kerasan semi-recessed washbasins are available in rectangular and square shape.
In this section Kerasan presents large washbasins for those who love large bathrooms.
We have selected a series of washbasins for small rooms, first-class basins for those who must furnish a small bathroom.
Modern washbasins are the perfect bathroom fixtures for a refined and functional bathroom.
For lovers of vintage, we present two series of classic washbasins: Retrò and Waldorf.
Rectangular washbasins symbolise harmony of form and regularity of contours that every designer tries to express in contemporary environments, so as to make the bathroom become the strong point, a status symbol of their home.
Round washbasins combine a specific functionality with a high-quality design and they are suitable for any style bathroom decoration.
Double washbasins are perfect bathroom elements for those who are looking for a modern and contemporary solution in large bathrooms.
Kerasan offers a wide range of oval ceramic washbasins which are highly appreciated by a clientele on the watch for new trends in furniture and design. In classic style bathrooms.
The Decò range by Kerasan includes beautiful and unusually decorated washbasins, that are available in six colours and five decorations.
Vanity top and semi-recessed washbasins (also in the under-counter version) are part of the Kerasan designer washbasins.

The sinks: style and daily use.

The bathroom is an intimate place, a place of extraordinary importance in everyday life. Not only a utility room, but an element of design to be appreciated.
The choice of a washbasin for the interior decoration of the bathroom becomes essential when people look for elegance, functionality and design. 

Interior decoration in the bathroom reflects the quality of life when it fits in the home environment in a functional and aesthetically satisfying way. The choice of a washbasin is essential: it can be chosen according to its functionality in the space available or according to its dimensions. It can be consistent with the style of the rest of the house or it can represent a unique environment. 
The choice of the basin in the bathroom is very important, because it is rich in aesthetics and functionality. If you have decided to renovate your bathroom or you are finally furnishing the flat of your dreams, Kerasan is able to provide you with the best workable and satisfactory solution for a washbasin that is not only an obligatory element of interior design, but an object able to offer the beauty of a linear design while overcoming technical problems or problems of space.
You can choose the most suitable size basin for your bathroom, but also the type, the style and shape.

They range from large or small washbasins, to counter top or recessed washbasins, in classic or modern style, from soft lines to more squared ones. The choice of a washbasin is a choice that is part of the bathroom furniture. It can be consequential to the choice of style or it can even influence it. In any case it is a crucial decision for both small and large bathrooms.

The variety of sinks; which is the best choice?

A washbasin must be included into a functional system related to the choice of sanitary ware and furniture; a matching set that can create an exclusive and comfortable place. A bathroom, today, is an all-round wellness room, with its architectural balance and its atmosphere. The right choice of a washbasin, whether coordinated with sanitary ware and furniture or not, enables everyone to find an adequate solution. The choice of a washbasin is a choice of interior design because, it should meet everyone's needs and be adaptable to the space available while enabling a distinct customization of the entire bathroom. The washbasin can represent the freest choice in terms of bathroom furniture.  It sometimes determines the style and gives touch of personality to the room. The choice of a washbasin is a mix of decisions that range from size to shape and variety, while not forgetting style. The selection of one’s favourite washbasin is a purchase to be weighed, as it involves several inquiries that not only refer to the selection of the best products, but also to the impact in terms of plumbing, depending on whether it is a new or a renovation bathroom. Ceramic washbasins are the best solution for those who are looking for strength, style and durability. Kerasan's technological systems guarantee models that are eclectic in shape, dimension and beauty. They overcome what was once considered a limit of ceramic creations in interior design washbasins.

Counter top or wall-hung washbasins? Inset basins or washbasins on a pedestal?

Whether renovating a bathroom or building a new one, Kerasan offers different solutions to suit your tastes and needs. The options are multiple, as are the number of the collections to draw from. You can choose washbasins according to variety, size, style and shape. The washbasins can be distinguished in different types according to the positioning of the basin with respect to the bathroom furniture.

Counter top basins

Counter top basins are certainly a trendy solution, where an astonishing optical effect is given by the detachment of the basin that simply seems to be " sitting” on the cabinet, appearing to be a separate element. For this reason, they are very suitable for those who wish to create a modern effect with their bathroom furniture, favouring shape and beauty. Concerning the functionality and plumbing, it should be noted that this is one of the easiest solutions to install.

Suspended washbasins

Comfort and functionality of the suspended washbasins are the characteristics that make this type of basin appreciated by both the public and professionals. The washbasin takes this name because visually it has a "suspended" effect in the air while it is architecturally installed on the wall. There are no columns, there is no washbasin stand involved. All this   simplifies cleaning and hygiene in the whole bathroom.

Washbasins on a pedestal

Washbasins on a pedestal are classic, simple and linear.
They can have the basin separated from the column or they can be "free-standing", that is a single piece with the base resting on the ground). Washbasins on pedestals are independent pieces as they do not require a bathroom cabinet and are easy to install. Their autonomy allows us to give an architectural centrality to their presence and provides the creativity that every single interior decorator wants to achieve. Inset basins or semi-recessed washbasins Recessed or semi-recessed washbasins are characterized by the fact that they are entirely or partially installed in the upper part of the cabinet, through a process in which the ceramic structure is inserted directly inside a counter top. You can also satisfy your tastes choosing your washbasin according its shape. You can choose between curved and squared lines; rectangular, circular or oval shapes or double washbasins. The distinction among the basins not only regards shape, size or type, but also style. Kerasan’s designers are attentive to avant-garde design but they also offer classic style and decorated washbasins to add a touch of colour to your bathroom.