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Semi-recessed washbasins


Inka collection semi-recessed washbasins.
Rectangular and square shaped semi-recessed washbasins.

Kerasan semi-recessed washbasins are available in rectangular and square shape.

Semi- recessed basins need an explanation. They are named “semi-recessed washbasins” because they are partially built into a counter top or cabinet. This semi-recessed space makes the washbasin higher than the cabinet.
The semi-recessed washbasin with its cabinet is a workable solution for those who have very restricted space in their bathroom, without having to do without a basin and its cabinet which, in any case, give a sense of spaciousness and a finished look to the bathroom.

The washbasin with its counter tops ensures simple and clean lines and it provides very useful counter top space in small rooms.

 Solutions include semi-recessed washbasins on counter tops, or bathroom cabinets. This is the washbasin that best represents the pursuit of style and elegance, combining them with the undeniable practicality of a vanity unit.

The rectangular washbasin is 60 cm wide and 40 cm deep, while the semi-recessed square washbasin is 40x40 cm.

Ceramic tops and wall-mounted units.

The rectangular washbasin is available together with a ceramic top and is made in six distinct colours:  white, matte white, glossy black, matte black, and arte1 and arte2.

To this regard, it is advisable to view the product description sheets and the catalogue to get a precise idea of the visual impact of the various colours.

The square washbasin is available in traditional glossy white, glossy black and in the elegant, unconventional matte black.

The semi-recessed washbasin, in addition to being available with the ceramic top, can also be part of a suspended unit.

The suspended unit is available in two variations:

• one having the same width as the washbasin, 40 cm.
• the other, 120 cm wide, with the option of having the washbasin in the centre or on the left side of the unit.