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Washbasins 60

    The 60 cm semi-recessed washbasin: sophisticated and contemporary

    The range of options available to customers, when it comes to choosing sanitary ware and furnishing elements for their bathroom, is practically unlimited. There are beautiful washbasins in classic style that rise from the floor upwards and others, decidedly more modern, that seem to defy gravity while remaining suspended in mid-air for the joy of those who love the more provocative minimalism or the soft and enveloping lines of contemporary style. In the middle, however, there are many other possibilities: semi-recessed washbasins, for example, are currently a trendy solution that perfectly suits a variety of settings and needs. The 60 cm version is the right dimension for any environment. Neither too big nor too small, it is ideal for those looking for a designer sink that is not oversized.

    Convex lines in a minimal space for the 60 cm semi-recessed washbasin

    The design of this 60 cm semi-recessed washbasin undoubtedly recalls contemporary style. It can be understood from the fact that the edges of the outline and those of the basin itself are bevelled, but also from the fact that it hangs over the edge of the unit on which it sits adopting a simple method: the front part of the washbasin has a sort of "swelling" that wraps around the edge of the cabinet creating a truly intriguing and very trendy optical illusion. The 60 cm semi-recessed washbasin could not be simpler. It has a unique charm that makes it different from all the other basins on the market as it is semi-recessed and boasts curved and extremely modern lines. Certainly, it will create a unique atmosphere in a bathroom worthy of the most elegant wellness centre. It’s a sink that plays a key role in the bathroom and does not go unnoticed because it is intended to catch your attention thanks to its inimitable style and detail.