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Bathroom furniture is essential for a tailored-made interior design focusing on better use of space and keeping the room clean and tidy. Modern living trends show drawers and worktops as real protagonists, considered imperative in a room devoted to relaxation and personal care. These pieces of furniture are a practical solution when considering installation, storage for various toiletries and cleaning products and the possibility of providing the room with geometric and coloured patterns. Kerasan, always attentive to its clientele’s ever more demanding interest in home decor, offers some collections of bathroom furniture designed to find easy installation in large or small bathrooms and which combine aesthetics with convenience and functionality. These are the main features that can be found in the cabinets from the Cento collection which include suspended washbasins with one or two-drawer units sized 100x45 cm designed by Kerasan to be placed in contemporary style bathrooms where distinctive and elegant outlines prevail.

Bathroom fittings with a revolutionary design for functional and classy environments

Kerasan bathroom cabinets are the result of a partnership of professional designers focused on the changes in customers’ needs and lifestyles. They have been planned to offer a wide variety of designs. Made with high-quality raw materials, exploiting cutting-edge technology, this furniture by Kerasan is solid, resistant and versatile. They contribute to create customised and striking bathrooms especially with the contemporary style Nolita collection or the Waldorf collection inspired by a vintage retro taste.

Attractive and versatile bathroom furniture

The bathroom furniture of the Nolita collection is characterised by an attractive, minimalist design. They consist of natural wood worktops and one or two-drawer wall units. The different sized bathroom worktops can be used as a counter top for the sink but also as shelve space for toiletries. The plain-featured wall units, in a wide range of sizes, facilitate the organization of a well-organised and tidy bathroom while turning the bathroom into a modern and classy area of the house.

Bathroom furniture in a classic and elegant style

In the Kerasan catalogue there are also pieces of furniture in vintage retro style, like the Waldorf collection, which includes single or double washbasins in a wide range of sizes. They are an interesting furnishing alternative and create welcoming and harmonious style bathrooms. The Waldorf collection designed by Massimiliano Cicconi includes wall-hung or floor-based units in a classic style, with a drawer and a fall-front door, which are suitable for furnishing homes in which a vintage retro style prevails and never goes unnoticed or out of fashion. Waldorf washbasins can be placed on metal vanity units with or without a glass shelf for an old-fashioned and charming effect.