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Washbasin 100 with wall hung cabinet

    The 100 cm washbasin and cabinet is part of the Waldorf collection, designed by Massimiliano Cicconi.
    A collection of sanitary ware and accessories in a classic and refined style which recalls the geometry and volume of the bathroom fixtures installed in the historic hotel, opened by William Waldorf Astor, in New York at the end of the nineteenth century.
    The 100 cm washbasin and cabinet is an elegant bathroom set, with a rectangular shape, rounded corners and double thickness edges.
    The whiteness of the washbasin perfectly combines with the varnish of the wooden cabinet which has one drawer and a folding door.
    The bathroom set can be suspended or supported by two aluminium legs and is available in white or dark shades. It is a piece of furniture with clean and regular lines, suitable for those looking for simple but refined cabinets.

    The 100 cm washbasin and cabinet for a retro style bathroom

    Interior design must instil a refined elegance and make the whole environment welcoming and functional. Cleverly combined with other products from the Waldorf collection, this sink is perfect to create a classy bathroom, with a strong character, great stylistic effect and a retro touch. A goal that can also be achieved by playing with contrasts and by positioning the sink in a modern style room as an unconventional fixture. Adopting cutting-edge technology for its production, the sink is made of high-quality materials which make it sturdy, durable and easy to clean. A new style sanitary ware that is perfect for domestic bathrooms, but also for hotels and other public facilities and provides the interior design with great aesthetic value.