The Cento collection by Kerasan is surprising for its formal simplicity and essential geometric lines. The wide range of extremely versatile sanitary ware can satisfy the most diverse needs of interior design.

The Cento Collection and its original design

This line of sanitary ware owes its name to the recurring measurement of 100 mm of the top edge. The whole collection, simple and very versatile, boasts the style and freshness of the great designer Marc Sadler, a French citizen born in Austria but currently living in Milan. The collection is dominated by essential geometric lines (rectangular, oval and round) in a formal simplicity and of extraordinary elegance.

The Cento series by Kerasan includes bathroom fixtures of different sizes with the aim of satisfying any requirement regarding space. The collection consists of numerous interior bathroom solutions, many attractive and highly versatile propositions which are perfectly suitable for any setting and prepared to comply with any regulation or tradition on furnishing a bathroom in private houses, offices or business facilities.

The Cento Collection: suspended toilets and bidets

The wide range of sanitary fixtures of the Cento collection by Kerasan includes floor-mounted or wall-mounted back-to-wall toilets and bidets to ensure high standards of comfort, elegance and versatility even in small bathrooms. Suspended sanitary ware feature both rectangular and oval lines, as well as a simple but, at the same time, sophisticated design. These fixtures seem to be everlasting; they enhance the bathroom and create harmony with the surrounding furnishings, satisfying any need for space, style and aesthetics.

The wall-hung toilets of the Cento collection are produced exclusively with the finest vitreous china available on the market. Kerasan’s decision to use a top-quality ceramic ware is a warranty because these toilets and bidets will remain unchanged over time. The Cento line features simple and clean lines that transform toilets and bidets into interior design items with distinctive traits and a great versatility.

The Cento Collection: floor standing sanitary ware

The Cento series by Kerasan includes back-to-wall, floor-mounted toilets and bidets with invisible piping for lovers of old-fashioned style. The collection meets everyone's needs because it has all the features which comply with contemporary style.

The toilet and bidet, with their extended oval shape, are very trendy and suit any interior design. One of a kind, these sanitary fixtures of the Cento collection, jutting in the front, are truly versatile. In a modern and contemporary style, they can be combined with a washbasin of the same line featuring round or rectangular shapes. However, they can also be installed in a classic style bathroom with old-fashioned bronze taps so that the existing furniture looks fancy and jazzed-up.

The Cento Collection: the recurring measurement

The Cento series by Kerasan stands out for its square lines and captivating rigorous design. The measurement of 100 mm is common to all the items of the collection: the top edge is 100 mm high and the tap area is 100 mm wide.

The sanitary wares of the Cento line stand out for distinctive traits lent by the rigorous, geometric shapes. Their essential simplicity catches the eye: they do not need to be improved because it would be superfluous. Thus, the bathroom is transformed into a welcoming, comfortable, timeless and impressive environment. The Cento collection creates a calm, relaxed and warm atmosphere in the bathroom.

The back-to-wall, floor-mounted toilets and bidets have thin and elegant lines and they are very functional and practical to use. This collection also includes square-shaped single or double basins mounted on a pedestal or a vanity unit. The modern bowls are large and functional to ensure high standards of comfort in a clean and tidy bathroom. In addition, it is possible to buy sinks from the same series with useful lateral drawers for storing items like cosmetics or personal care products. There are also sinks with helpful rails which allow you to keep towels within a short reach in order to avoid dropping water on the floor.