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Washbasin 140x45 with free standing unit

    One hole wall hung or counter top 140x45 whit Brass free standing unit chrome finish for washbasin

    The 140x45 cm Cento washbasin 140x45 with metal vanity unit

    The 140x45 cm Cento washbasin with metal vanity unit is a distinguishing bathroom set which stands out for its essential design and its very clean geometric lines. This sink is a product that can surprise for its simple and elegant design and it can really amaze the buyer. The Cento collection washbasin is a rather versatile rectangle that can be used in the most diverse furnishing projects; made of high-quality material, this sanitary fixture, like the others in this collection, takes its name from the 100-mm size of the height and the width of the area where taps must be fitted.

    It is a sink that discretely boasts style and freshness and can masterfully enhance any bathroom where it is installed. The Cento washbasin can create a harmonious and fascinating setting thanks to its inherent characteristics which make the bathroom décor appear more interesting.

    A bathroom fixture that embodies Marc Sadler’s creativity

    The Cento 140x45 cm washbasin with metal vanity unit is a set that perfectly embodies the style of the great French designer Marc Sadler who designed this collection. It’s a furniture solution that can make the difference, being extremely suitable for creating a unique atmosphere in a bathroom where elegant style and relaxation prevail.

    The Cento sink features a simple, square shape that ensures functionality and ease of use. Once installed, it becomes the eye-catcher of the entire interior design. The combination with the chromed brass vanity unit can transform the bathroom into a unique, elegant, comfortable and welcoming space due to its simple and clean lines.

    Made only and exclusively of top-quality Italian ceramic ware, this bathroom set will never go out of fashion nor will it age as it is also scratch and wear resistant.