Bathroom accessories for all tastes

Mixer taps, sanitary ware and bathroom accessories: all these items are essential to set up a special bathroom where it is possible to take care of oneself in the name of wellness and relaxation.
Accessories are interior design items that cannot be overlooked; rather, they require all our attention and our time at the planning stage of our bathroom, considering the vast selection of products offered on the market.

Consequently, these accessories are everyday objects that must be convenient, functional, easy-to-use and at the same time, sturdy, but also attractive and satisfying. Moreover, the style of bathroom furniture and these accessories must match perfectly. Soap dish, soap dispenser, free-standing or wall-mounted tumbler holder, toilet brush holder, toilet roll holder and lights are essential and they must be chosen to suit one’s taste and to meet one’s needs wherever they will be placed. Every bathroom can be furnished with the most suitable accessories in order to make it extremely comfortable.

The selection of bathroom accessories

Accessories of different styles and materials are available to furnish every type of bathroom, from the ones in traditional vintage style up to the most modern and innovative ones. The materials can be very diverse and range from wood to ceramic, passing through resin, wrought iron or copper.

Soap holder, toilet paper holder, tumbler or brush holder can be placed on bathroom worktops or on the deck of sinks and bathtubs, whilst some of them are wall-mounted or stand directly on the floor.
Some accessories do not require a proper installation and they can be easily arranged, moved and replaced anytime. Usually, it is advisable to use free-standing accessories in medium - large size bathrooms and the wall-mounted ones in smaller bathrooms, to make better use of the walkable area and all other surfaces around the room.

Whatever decision you take, the sectional market offers a wide range of accessories in unique styles and various colours, shapes and sizes.

Interior design items to customize the bathroom

A careful choice of accessories can be the right occasion to customize a rather trivial bathroom. Accessories can make the bathroom extremely cheerful and colourful, but also turn it into a refined and sumptuous place.
Among the accessories, the mirror is the showiest; it gives brightness to the whole room, whilst embedded LED lights, if positioned in the right direction, contribute to enhance every corner and make the bathroom a relaxing environment.

Wood, stone or ceramic accessories with simple, round and regular shapes are highly recommended for those who love the Zen style. On the other hand, stainless steel is the best material for those who desire to achieve a linear interior decoration in their bathroom.

Although accessories such as small dustbins, towel holders, small baskets, hooks and magnifying mirrors are not always taken into consideration at the planning stage, they are very useful in everyday life and facilitate our daily routine in the bathroom.
After having wisely decided about sanitary ware and taps, accessories contribute to the achievement of a custom-made bathroom. Therefore, small objects of great value are the best way to provide rest and relaxation in the cosiest setting possible in your home.