AQUATECH Design Massimiliano Cicconi

The style

The Aquatech collection, designed by Massimiliano Cicconi, finds its origin in the words Aqua + Tech which symbolizes the combination of the sinuosity of water and the design technique used to furnish a contemporary bathroom. It is a collection in which rounded and smooth shapes give style and elegance to a bathroom, with its refined bold lines and an innovative volume. Aquatech is a complete collection of bathroom furniture including toilets, bidets, washbasins, urinals and tubs.

The tub is in Pietraluce, while the other furnishing accessories are made of high-quality ceramic with certified, Made-in-Italy quality. Sanitary ware: bidets and toilets designed to conserve water The Aquatech collection includes several models such as wall-mounted toilets and bidets, fixtures which are flush with the floor and a close-coupled toilet. The peculiarity of the wall-mounted sanitary ware is in the avant-garde design, where the inclination is counter-intuitive compared to a normal design, with the sanitary fixture which narrows toward the wall and widens downward in the front as if it were reaching for the floor. The resulting optical effect is precisely that of a forward curvature.

The sanitary fixtures which are flush with the floor (toilet and bidet) are equipped with WB5N fittings; the same fitting method is available in the close-coupled toilet also equipped with a standard toilet cistern. Water saving is the principle feature of Aquatech, as the collection has a flushing system that reduces water consumption with a partial flush of only 3 litres and a total flush of 4.5 litres (compared to the standard 9 or 11 litres of the older bathroom fixtures).

Urinals of different sizes designed for public toilets are part of the collection.

The sinks

There are three sinks in the collection: the first is a single-hole wall-hung washbasin (70x52) that follows the same futuristic design already described above for the bathroom fixtures. The monolithic washbasin (60x51x85) extends from the ground as an elongated column and is installed flush to the wall. The free-standing washbasin has an even more monumental visual impact as a result of its size (60x40x85) which gives personality to the bathroom. Having an elongated shape, it is also suitable for public places.

The bathtub

The Aquatech bathtub (170x70 cm) is made of Pietraluce, a glossy white material that combines perfectly with white sanitary ware and repeats the rounded and decisive lines of the entire collection. The tub is the queen of the bathroom, especially when it is a free-standing, mid-room monobloc unit. Centrality, style, design and monumentality are the four key words to define a bathtub with an ergonomic shape deriving from the different widths of the extremities that resembles the shape of an elongated body seeking relaxation. Note also the refined shelf in natural teak that rests on the narrow side of the tub. The visual impact of the Pietraluce is shiny and brilliant. It boasts very important functional characteristics such as lime scale prevention and easy cleaning and elimination of scratches, abrasions and stains, a characteristic which makes it an avant-garde material.