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One hole Bidet AQUATECH

    The Aquatech collection back-to-wall bidet

    Suspended or back-to-wall sanitary ware? This is the Hamletic question, a choice which totally confuses anyone who is about to renovate a bathroom or the interior design of the entire home. There are actually two solutions equally advantageous, but which give very different results: if the suspended fittings greatly simplify cleaning operations, back-to-wall fixtures are not far behind. In the event that wall-mounted sanitary wares have been chosen, the Kerasan 3720 bidet is the best you could wish for, particularly in terms of design and comfort.

    The optic effect of the Kerasan 3720 bidet

    The 3720 bidet is part of the Aquatech collection designed by the designer Massimiliano Cicconi.
    The fusion of the words Aqua and Tech symbolizes the dual desire to "sculpt" the wavy lines of water in ceramics and to give the bathroom elements a futuristic and cutting-edge design. This bidet has exactly this: its lines are unique and seemingly futuristic and, if you like, that’s why it is a very interesting and inimitable bathroom solution. The surprising thing about this collection is the fact that the bidet and all the bathroom fixtures of the Aquatech collection break the rules of design by featuring the exact opposite of what would normally be recommended. Their design is not logical because the ceramic block seems to lean forward: the front part widens downwards giving the impression that it is reaching for the floor, a truly remarkable visual effect.

    A contemporary ceramic bidet

    As for technical information, the 3720 bidet of the Aquatech collection is made of fine vitreous china, a solid material produced to last in time. This collection is very versatile, in the sense that it perfectly fits in a classic style environment or in a more contemporary one where minimalism is strongly recalled. Buying a bathroom fixture like the 3720 Aquatech bidet by Kerasan means that no other interior design items or decorations are needed because it can, by itself, make the bathroom unique and very stylish.