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In this section we present our series of wall-hung bathroom fixtures, 8 collections from classic to modern.
The wall-hung toilets and bidets are the new frontier in Italian bathroom furniture design, characterized by a contemporary style that perfectly combines hydraulic engineering, practical sense, aesthetics and optimization of spaces expressed to the maximum degree.

The wall-hung sanitary ware, unlike traditional floor-standing sanitary fixtures, are installed on the wall; the height of the wall-hung toilets is about 40-42 cm from the floor: a distance that allows optimal use. The wall-hung bathroom fixtures have a concealed toilet cistern: the drain pipes and the cistern are not visible from the outside but are all hidden inside the wall.
To assemble this toilet, a reinforced or load-bearing wall with a thickness of about 10 cm is required, If this size wall is not available, you must reinforce the wall in which both the drain system and the clamps for the sanitary ware can be concealed.

The wall-hung toilets are easy and quick to uninstall in case of future renovation and maintenance; from an aesthetic point of view, they give the bathroom lightness and stylishness. They can also be used in smaller bathrooms, because they give the bathroom a greater feeling airiness.
The wall-hung sanitary ware meets the needs of those looking for bathroom fixtures for all-round practicality, use and hygiene. Thanks to their distance from the floor, the base of the sanitary ware itself and the part of the floor beneath it can be easily and quickly cleaned.
If you do not want to give up all these details in your bathroom, Kerasan offers you a wide range of wall-hung sanitary ware characterized by a variety of styles and sizes, to satisfy different needs.

Kerasan wall-hung Toilets and Bidets: a matter of ceramic

The Kerasan wall-hung sanitary ware are all made of vitreous china, which has always been considered excellent in terms of strength and durability. Its structure is able to withstand scratches, cracking, and frequent use of detergents with aggressive chemical components.
Ceramic is also a powerful anti-lime scale material, since it has a strong resistance to lime scale formation and prevents stains and colour changes. For this reason, Kerasan has been using ceramic, an essential raw material in the production of sanitary ware since the late 1960s. Ceramic is also an economic material so that sanitary ware prices are contained. These are available in the traditional glossy white finish.

Kerasan wall-hung sanitary ware: a matter of style

Buying wall-hung sanitary ware made by Kerasan also means having the possibility to choose between different styles and shapes that satisfy any inspiration, and measurements which are proportionate to any space.

Kerasan's proposal for wall-hung bathroom fixtures consists in modern and classic lines, and also includes retro or vintage style. The modern style is represented by compact and linear structures that are expressed through the wise use of geometry and technological innovation. Modernity, in fact, manifests itself in the particular shapes of wall-hung toilets and bidets. The forms interpreted by Karasan are elongated, oval, elliptical, rectangular, semicircular but with subtle edges. Modernity for Kerasan is also synonymous of technology as in the collection of wall-hung rimless sanitary ware. A rimless toilet has no inside rim, that is the hollow area from which the water flows. As a consequence, compared to traditional sanitary ware, flushing works in a completely different way, washing every internal surface of the toilet and cleaning the toilet completely with every rinse. Thanks to this new system, water saving is guaranteed.

Classic lines, instead, are presented with a retro air expressed in the oval and rounded-rectangle shapes, in the application of faucets with handles and also in the structures with a column: a more or less accentuated semi-column, depending on the model, which develops from the base of the sanitary ware and that, in all respects, recalls the traditional ones.
For the assembly of wall-hung sanitary fixtures, Kerasan also offers specific features that are included in the price, depending on the model chosen. A shock and acoustic protection is provided, a rubber sealing washer that is positioned between the wall and the toilet with the aim of reducing the flushing noise and mitigate any slight movement which, in the long run, could cause problems to fixtures. An additional feature offered is the WB9N fastening set, specially designed to facilitate installation of some wall-hung sanitary fixtures.

The dimensions of Kerasan wall-hung toilets and bidets adapt to all spaces.
We produce sanitary fixtures ranging from size S (small) up to size L (large).
The smallest start from 36 cm width (W) to 50 cm depth (D), 35 cm W by 51 cm D, and 35 cm width by 50 cm depth. The larger ones are available with measurements from a 37 cm width and a depth of 54 cm, a width of 37 cm and a depth of 55 cm, or a width of 38 cm and a depth of 52 cm.