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Close coupled bidet

    When the English playwright Eden Phillpotts stated that "The universe is full of magical things, patiently waiting our ingenuity to better define themselves ", perhaps it was not with reference to sanitary ware, but he certainly would have been amazed at this innovative, futuristic product.

    For a different bathroom

    Are you planning on renovating your bathroom? Do you want to customize it and make it unique? Are you lovers of change and aesthetic? If so, it's time to think about an element of novelty that, by breaking the traditional patterns, will amaze you with its elegance and practicality. These are some of the characteristics that encourage more and more people to opt for wall-mounted bidets.

    Benefits of wall-mounted bidets

    Unlike traditional sanitary ware, a wall-mounted bidet has the definite advantage of guaranteeing much more accurate cleaning since the pipes are not visible, it is much easier to clean the entire surface of the floor. In addition to the sense of lightness and the eye-catching design, the drainage system is built into the wall instead of being placed on the floor, so draining is decidedly quieter.

    Bidet 5125

    Among the various proposals, the TriBeCa wall-mounted single-hole bidet 5125 stands out for its elegant rounded design and for the high quality of the product. The reference to the famous Tribeca district, in Manhattan, is an identifying and extremely personalizing element.  Available in six different colours (from white to Matte Burgundy), this bidet is equipped with acoustic and shockproof protection, ideal even in environments with little space available. Its weight (18 kg) ensures the necessary stability and makes it suitable for different needs and solutions. With its squared shape and sharp, rounded edges, available in the standard dimensions 35x54 cm, it can be combined with the unique toilets of the TriBeCa collection (item 5115 and Item 5114). The high quality certified by Kerasan and its intriguing modern design make it ideal for enhancing every type of bathroom so that guests will feel as if they were in a majestic and decisively elegant environment.