Kerasan. For over 50 years, quality, design and innovation in bathroom furnishings. Kerasan was one of the first companies in the ceramics base in Civita Castellana (VT). It was founded in 1960, and specialises in the manufacture of sophisticated ceramic sanitary fixtures. The company can now be found in the main international markets, with complete bathroom collections of furnishings, accessories and fittings. For over 50 years, Kerasan has been producing high-quality products, not only because of market requirements, but because the production of sophisticated sanitary fixtures, appreciated around the world, is above all a passion that grows day by day, and fills every single person involved in this large consideration with pride. This is the thinking that has always driven and continues to drive the company forward. At our modern industrial facility covering approximately 14,000 m2, Kerasan completes every stage of manufacturing internally, from product concept to design and construction. All this is made possible by a system with the capacity to manufacture up to 1,000 ceramic items per day, and an advanced modelling department, using cutting-edge software to reduce timescales and streamline the processes of prototyping and mould generation.