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Close coupled bidet 54

    The advantages of buying wall-mounted sanitary ware

    Suspended sanitary ware is one of the most interesting innovations that was introduced at the dawn of the 21st century. It is easy to guess why they are so popular; there are many reasons related not only to aesthetic, but also to efficiency. In addition to being fine-looking in terms of design, these bathroom fixtures are much more practical than floor-mounted ones. They can be cleaned more easily and therefore they guarantee high standards of hygiene. This would be enough to explain why the suspended sanitary ware are the best on the market these days.

    The rounded design of the 54 cm Flo wall-hung bidet

    The 54 cm Flo wall-mounted bidet fulfils a dual requirement: it completes bathroom interior decoration with sanitary ware characterized by a unique design and, no less important, facilitates cleaning and sanitizing operations in a place where assiduous and careful attention is needed. Its structure, however, deserves to be examined carefully. Looking at it from the front, the suspended bidet Flo seems to be a real sculpture created by a skilled artist. It has a rounded shape that makes it different from the traditional bidet we are used to. It is, therefore, a unique element of its kind, a small work of art, we dare say, that will make the bathroom a room comparable to any other room in the living area.

    Where should the suspended 54 cm Flo bidet be placed?

    Its sophisticated look and the fact that it fully reflects modern trends makes the Flo 54 cm wall-mounted bidet the best solution for various types of bathrooms. The ideal location would be a contemporary style bathroom. Nothing forbids placing it in a slightly less modern style context, but not classic. Never-- it would lose its beauty especially if you intend to place it beside a bronze-framed mirror, a close-coupled toilet or a vintage style washbasin. This bidet best performs if combined with a suspended sink, with a toilet that (even if it is not part of the same collection) recalls a similar structure and a shower stall with crystal doors that makes the bathroom wonderfully bright and full of charm.