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Wall hung wc NORIM

    A delicate yet pleasant moment in life has arrived: building or renovating your house. Generally, when you imagine what your new house will look like, you think about the colours or materials to use, but you pay little attention to the toilet. Probably, after viewing various shops or apartments, you evaluate and choose tiles, flooring, showers, cabinets, not taking the toilet into account because you think that they are all the same. The toilet, however, deserves all the attention possible, as it must be comfortable, it should have an innovative cleaning system, and you also want to take into account the appearance. You should not make a hasty decision. 

    Functional features of the best toilets

    Basically, toilets must have certain fundamental elements. For example, they should have a comfortable seat, a drain pipe and a tank, commonly called toilet cistern. A detail that deserves attention in terms of functional characteristics for the best toilet is the rim, an edge protecting the water jet coming from the cistern. Almost all toilets are equipped with a rim, so they are more likely to accumulate lime scale and dirt, which are difficult to remove. The latest toilets have no rim; so, if you are choosing a toilet, you have to pay attention to this detail, so as to be more facilitated in cleaning the bathroom. 

    The wall-hung toilet without rim: a great choice

    The Kerasan wall-hung toilet incorporates all the best features a toilet should have. Kerasan wall-hung toilets, in particular the ones from the TriBeCa collection, are latest generation, aesthetically very beautiful and cleaning is facilitated, as they have no rim. Kerasan wall-hung products, as the word itself says, are above the floor and fixed to the wall with an anchoring system, so the floor below can be cleaned easily. TriBeCa wall-hung toilets are the best choice not only for greater cleaning, but also for conserving water. In fact, the product, which weighs only 20 kg, is equipped with a high-performance drain system, which keeps water consumption low. This toilet is 31.5 cm tall, 54 cm deep, 35 cm wide. Certainly, both in terms of aesthetics and in terms of cleanliness and low water consumption, the Kerasan wall-hung toilet will be a good choice and will change the concept of your bathroom.