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    Wall hung wc, sound and shock proof plate included

    Aquatech wall-hung toilet: state of the art of Italian ceramic sanitary ware

    The Aquatech collection is the result of unique design and excellent quality ceramic that have been blended to form the wall-hung toilet designed by Massimiliano Cicconi. A project of this internationally renowned designer who has re-elaborated and recreated a bathroom design which reflects a new aesthetic. An elegant concept with coordinated lines that express a dynamic that is linked to the impeccable quality of a product which is completely Made-in-Italy. A toilet that combines functionality, design and novelty while suggesting new ideas.

    The aesthetic design has been accompanied by a careful study to minimize noise, a factor which is essential in a modern apartment or block of apartments. The toilet has been designed with state-of-the-art criteria. The hanging position ensures a drastic reduction in the transmission of noise without, however, interfering with the stability of the toilet. The strength of the ceramic completes the job. The inclusion of this toilet in traditional architectures has the same effect on noise and being anchored to the wall improves the isolation of sound.

    The bathroom area is less cluttered with this suspended toilet, with a 55-cm depth, a 36-cm width and a 34-cm height, and a recommended seat height of 42 cm. The choice of the curved lines of the toilet and the lightened thickness make it an attractive and suitable object to be inserted in a designer bathroom. The Aquatech collection combines modern lines and functionality and can be integrated into both classic and avant-garde environments, helping to give airiness even to small rooms. Among Kerasan's numerous proposals you can choose accessories to complete the rest of the bathroom design.

    The solution of the transversal bottom lines, which actually cut the intuitive curvature of the toilet, play with the volume and the visual impact, and dynamically trigger the prominence of the fixture characterize this bathroom fixture. The discreet insertion of the flushing system into the ceramic further lightens the visual impact of the toilet, while maintaining simplicity and rapidity of installation. The overall presentation combines sharp lines and gentle curves which maintain a balance between tradition and innovation, proposing this toilet as an element that can be easily integrated into any project.