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Wall hung wc NORIM 54

    Wall-hung toilets: the new elegant bathroom furnishing solution

    When we decide to renovate the bathroom, we must arm ourselves with imagination and versatility to find all the furnishing solutions that make this frequently neglected room dynamic and functional. The new trend in bathroom furniture is a large-scale production of wall-hung and custom-made accessories so as to ensure personal comfort and to save space in a room that is often quite small.
    The toilet deserves special attention: in addition to being comfortable, it has to boast an innovative cleaning system which keeps up with the times and it must also be aesthetically well made, a truly valuable element of design.
    The 54 cm suspended toilet hits the nail on the head. Not at all bulky but perfectly sturdy and able to stand up to usage, the NO RIM suspended toilet is extremely safe even though it is, as easily perceivable, wall-mounted so as to leave the underlying floor free from obstacles.

    Why a suspended toilet bowl is more desirable?

    As we have already highlighted, our bathrooms can often be very small. So, why not choose sanitary ware manufactured with attention to detail, a fixture that offers great comfort and produces the sensation of having a spacious and airy room? With a weight that does not exceed 20 kg and a purposely small size, about 35 cm high, 54 cm deep and 37 cm wide, the wall-hung toilet does not take up more space than necessary and, thanks to its position, it also allows thorough and accurate cleaning of the floor below. Fastened to the wall, the suspended toilet has become one of the most requested products in bathroom interior decoration. Thanks to the immaculate white of its glaze and to its simple and minimal design, it fits well in any furnishing solution, from the most modern or futuristic to the most classical and traditional décor.

    Wall-mounted toilet by Kerasan: not only a simple designer fixture

    Everyone likes to have a tidy, elegant, trendy bathroom with original sanitary ware. Kerasan, however, with its suspended toilets can go even further. These bathroom fixtures not only fascinate us for their detailed design but also for the sophisticated and innovative NO RIM system (without a rim), thanks to which the cleaning system is not only more efficient but is also water saving. It uses the great force of the water to remove waste evenly warranting high standards of hygiene. A real revolution not only in bathroom interior decoration but a step forward towards the most genuine and rigorous progress. Manufactured with a surprising modern allure, these wall-hung toilets are inspired by chic, minimal trends which modern bathroom fixtures require, a perfect combination of style, convenience and the highest quality of the raw materials employed. The new and innovative sanitary ware by Kerasan transforms the bathroom into one of the main rooms in our homes.