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Wall hung wc

    The Flo collection wall-hung toilet designed by Simone Anzellini, is an extremely elegant sanitary fixture, which is characterized by interesting, soft and rounded contour lines. With the Flo wall-mounted toilet, shape meets the purity of ceramics, giving life to a comfortable and functional fixture which will satisfy the most diverse tastes and needs. Equipped with a sound-proof and shock-proof protective layer, the Flo suspended toilet is available in two different sizes, fulfilling different space requirements. The secret of having an amazing bathroom is in the choice of sanitary ware, necessary in the daily routine. The bathroom will be in working order when furnished with this suspended toilet pan, together with other elements of the same collection,

    The Flo suspended toilet: sanitary ware that combines different styles

    Beautiful, comfortable and versatile, the Flo wall-mounted toilet, with its simple and essential shape, ensures a perfect balance in the space available, giving the bathroom airiness and elegance. A bathroom furnished with Flo sanitary ware is a byword for a neat, warm and cherished environment, a place which will be enjoyed by those who experience it. Made of high-quality Italian vitreous china, the wall-hung Flo toilet produces a captivating and original effect, a harmonious solution for rest and relaxation.
    The Flo suspended toilet, together with the washbasin and the bidet, make it possible to create an intimate space for adults and children without having to sacrifice style.

    The Flo wall-hung toilet: durability and versatility at hand in the bathroom

    Sturdy and versatile, the Flo wall-mounted toilet fits perfectly in any context. Its shape can satisfy the most diverse needs.
    Customizing the bathroom with this toilet bowl is really a breeze; its smooth and wavy shape can quickly turn the most anonymous space into one with strong character and personality.
    The Flo wall-hung toilet, however, is not only beautiful, it is also a durable and hygienic bathroom fixture, as well as wear and tear proof. By choosing this furnishing solution, you can create a comfortable and safe bathroom where it is possible to rest and relax both body and mind.