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washbasin 60 cm

    The Flo washbasin by Kerasan, an elegant and functional accessory

    The Flo collection single-hole washbasin by Kerasan is an elegant and functional accessory. It is a modern design in which innovation and quality join together to enhance the value of artisan tradition and the excellence of a product made in Italy. The contemporary bathroom is transformed into an oasis of well-being where design is not neglected but instead is studied and cared for in each and every minimum detail to create a luxurious, high quality environment which is pleasing to the eye and comfortable to live in.

    The bathroom fixtures become the real protagonists of this environment with their original, asymmetric form which have a great visual impact and make the space liveable, ultra-functional and above all welcoming. New lines and new dimensions characterize these washbasins, either wall-hung or placed on a counter top in wood, stone or marble, and they become the real protagonist of the bathroom.

    The washbasin is the most commonly used fixture in the bathroom. Therefore, it must be comfortable, practical and functional for all daily uses such as washing one's face, teeth, or hands. It must, above all, contain an adequate amount of water, thus it must be large and capacious. The Flo collection single-hole washbasin is 60 cm wide and consequently fulfils all of these requirements while at the same time maintaining a modern and captivating aesthetic which provides the perfect combination of form and efficiency.

    The Flo washbasin, innovation and tradition in a single fixture

    This washbasin, made by Kerasan, is part of the Flo collection and together with the other sanitary ware of the same line, the toilet, the bidet, and the bathtub, make every bathroom extremely refined and fashionable. This sanitary ware with its harmonious forms can be placed in any context, in a pure, essential, contemporary environment or in a more classical, traditional, retro' one.

    The single-hole washbasin is made of a high-quality vitreous china, a strong material which is hygienic, and at the same time, it is shock, scratch and stain resistant. It is this ceramic material which gives this suspended washbasin its elegant appearance. The purity of the porcelain enhances its solidity and its elegant airiness which is expressed in its light, sinuous lines. This porcelain, at the same time, allows the washbasin to be easy to clean and to stay clean. This washbasin is a unique fixture, which is original and refined and at the same time, highly technological. In addition, the absence of a stand or column means that the floor can be kept free. This basin offers many advantages, both practical and aesthetic and is perfect if placed with simple but refined furnishings in contemporary style or in any environment you want to furnish with style.