Washbasins 65

    The 65 cm washbasin: a trendy wash bowl

    The 65 cm washbasin is an indescribable, trendy, ovoid shaped bowl. It is the right furniture solution for bathrooms that, following the dictates of fashion in interior design, require countertop basins which sit on the surface of vanity units or cabinets produced from the most varied materials.

    This basin, made of the finest quality white ceramic, stands out for its high capacity, thin edges, clean lines and an enveloping shape: all stylistic elements that make this washbasin an elegant and polished bathroom fixture. It is a versatile ceramic wash bowl which is suitable for furnishing any kind of bathroom and which comes up with a minimal and state of the art design. Considered a must-have in contemporary style bathrooms, the results are interesting also if positioned in classic style settings or as part of modular furniture that breaks the linearity of a single style. It is a countertop washbasin with an attractive design. The bathroom will certainly be considerably enhanced by its pure and harmonious style.

    A washbasin of timeless beauty

    The 65 cm single bowl basin provides a timeless style and its extraordinary beauty gives the entire bathroom a touch of dreamy sentimentalism that is always appreciated. Even the smallest detail in the room will be greatly enhanced by the 65 cm washbasin whose outline follows the very latest stylistic trend in the field of home décor. It is a sought-after bathroom fixture with a fresh appeal that will play a leading role in the most private room of the house devoted to rest and relaxation. With the 65 cm sink, every bathroom can be changed into a welcoming, hyper-functional and ultra-comfortable place where it is possible to relax body and mind.

    Designed with a high aesthetic impact, this convenient and decorative bowl can become the focus of attention in any bathroom which has been wisely furnished with elegant style and good taste. Compact, ergonomic and produced with high-tech machinery, this sink is a good ally in daily hygiene.

    The 65 cm washbasin is much more than a simple bathroom fixture; it is an exceptional piece of furniture, a must-have that has the power to typify any style and imprint distinctive traits and uniqueness on the whole environment.