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The counter top washbasins are one of the most refined and functional choices if you want to furnish a modern bathroom, enriching the room with harmonious lines and great visual impact. The counter top washbasin is a great protagonist of the contemporary bathroom because it is spectacular, original and performs well the aesthetic and practical functions: it is probably the most commonly used sanitary fixture in the bathroom and therefore it must be resistant, spacious and, above all, practical. Each and every detail of today's bathrooms are seen to by designers, since they must combine functionality and a high level of comfort; for this reason, the choice of the sanitary ware is critical. These must be made of the highest quality materials, with innovative shapes, and they must integrate perfectly to enhance the bathroom furnishings.

The counter top washbasin: protagonist of the bathroom

A simple counter top sink becomes the protagonist of the bathroom, integrating perfectly in every style of furniture thanks to their bold, captivating, pure and linear contemporary forms and their more luxurious and romantic forms in the classic style. The counter top washbasins can be placed on a counter top by themselves or in pairs. Placed in the centre or on the side of the console, they become the real protagonists of a modern bathroom thanks to their beauty and originality. Available in many shapes, colours and finishes, they are all made of high quality fire clay. Square, round, or oval, the counter top sink immediately attracts the attention of those who enter the room. The linear counter top washbasins with or without corners are a perfect combination of elegant and practical innovation, which comes together with the choice of quality materials and the attention to detail.

Counter top washbasins, quality and aesthetics

The Kerasan counter top washbasins were born from the creative inspiration of great designers: every feature has been studied in the smallest detail so as not to compromise aesthetics. Rectangular, round or oval, they can be inserted into any context, thanks to their versatility, in bathrooms of all sizes - even in the smaller ones and they always represent a high-class solution. The square counter top washbasins can be placed on any type of console or bathroom cabinet with a modern and sophisticated aesthetic inspired by urban style, whereas the round or oval counter top basins are ideal for furnishings with a more sober and essential style and can be placed on wooden shelves with drawers.

Innovation and tradition distinguish every Kerasan product

Every counter top washbasin combines elegant aesthetic features with an extremely modern technology that can enhance any type of bathroom furniture. This type of sink was born from experimentation between art, culture and design which creates new lines and ideas inspired by a contemporary and essential style. The rounded corners and the harmonious lines of the geometric shapes create luxurious and welcoming combinations with models that are able to adapt to any style. The bathroom thus becomes a timeless environment with a great aesthetic value and the counter top washbasin, whether square, round or circular, gives personality to the whole environment, fulfilling its functional role and, becoming a real furnishing element capable of enriching any bathroom.