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washbasin 50 cm

    The washbasin item 3141 is part of the Flo collection, designed by Simone Anzellini for Kerasan. Rounded and simple lines characterize this sink, which measures 50 x 40 cm and has a perfectly oval basin, which allows it to be easily placed in both large and small environments to complete them with elegance and class.

    The Flo sink item 3141 for a modern and functional bathroom

    The washbasin item 3141, like the whole Flo collection, was designed to meet the aesthetic needs of contemporary living; essential fixtures, which are above all functional and where attention has been given to every detail. The versatile Flo collection of washbasins is the ideal solution for those who want a practical bathroom in touch with the times. Made of high-quality ceramic, using cutting-edge technology, the sink is particularly resistant. It has a homogeneous, compact, shiny surface, which allows grime to slide off. Designed to last over time, preserving its aesthetic and functional qualities, it is a sink that offers a wide range of furnishing solutions. It is available in both the floor-standing and wall-hung version and can be easily combined with the bathroom fixtures from the Flo collection and also with furnishings and accessories of various styles, helping to create unique and personalized bathrooms.

    Wall-hung or free-standing washbasin item 3141

    This washbasin can be installed on a base with a wooden chest of drawers with polished finish, perhaps with a bright colour for a trendy bathroom, or in natural shades for those who prefer relaxing and modern settings. This effect can be obtained by choosing a base in raw wood or with the grain of the wood in evidence or with a marble or natural stone top.

    The 3141 washbasin, with its sinuous shape and absence of sharp edges, is suitable to be wall-mounted and completed with stainless steel taps. It can be used to enhance larger bathrooms, combining two or three washbasins. The special features of this sink make it suitable not only for installation in domestic bathrooms, but also for public facilities, restaurants, businesses or any other environment you want to furnish with style, comfort and practicality.