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Freestanding/inset washbasin 60x38

    The choice of a washbasin is a decision which should not be taken lightly, in fact, you should take into account different aspects when evaluating which basin to buy. The two main factors to take into consideration are functionality, because it is used every day, and the harmony of the design, since it must adapt to the bathroom.

    TriBeCa washbasin

    The washbasin is an essential piece of furniture in your bathroom, so you should choose one that makes this room a small work of art. The counter top washbasin is suitable for those looking for a modern design that enhances shape and volume without sacrificing comfort. The TriBeCa washbasin is easily installable, as it can be placed on or built into a piece of furniture. The designers have used rounded shapes, recalling washbasins used in the past. The recessed washbasins are installed entirely or partially on top of a counter top and represent a perfect meeting point between classic and modern styles.

    Features of the TriBeCa washbasin

    The TriBeCa counter top or recessed washbasin is 60x38 cm large, with a height of 15 cm and a weight of 13 kg. It adapts to any type of bathroom, especially those with modern furniture. The sink is made of ceramic, resistant to damage and harsh detergent and suitable to ensure a long life. This product has a large capacity, is easy to clean and available not only in classic white but in different colours. It is especially designed to adapt to a vanity which hides the drain pipe from view and completes the washbasin. If you chose to place it on a counter top, remember that the sink should be positioned at a maximum height of 90 cm, otherwise it could be awkward and not very functional. The TriBeCa washbasin is a perfect choice, it will make the bathroom a modern, pleasant environment, in perfect harmony with the rest of the house.