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Freestanding washbasin 60x38

    When thinking about how to design or renovate your house, you must pay particular attention to the choice of a bathroom basin. There are different types available on the market, but not everybody has the same needs, space and taste. A solution must be practical, functional and adaptable to the furnishings in your bathroom.

    The Kerasan TriBeCa washbasin

    The TriBeCa washbasin was created to meet the needs of all customers, even the most sophisticated. This washbasin was designed to be placed on a counter top: a modern and captivating solution. The TriBeCa washbasin guarantees greater freedom, as it allows you to choose the shape and size of the surface where it will be placed; the latter could also be tailor-made, so as to adapt to your tastes or to the furnishing of the entire bathroom. When choosing this sink, the water faucet must be chosen carefully, preferring a high spout or a built-in tap.

    Features of the Kerasan TriBeCa sink

    The TriBeCa sink measures 60x38 cm, it is 15 cm high and weighs 12 kg. The material, that is high-quality ceramic, is very resistant to scratches, shock and detergents, making this product durable over time. It can be placed on any surface, hiding the drain from view and making the bathroom a modern environment. The washbasin should not be positioned at more than 90 cm in height, otherwise it may be too high and not very functional. This washbasin helps define the bathroom furniture and enhances the style of the entire home. Remember not to be hasty in evaluating your options but choose only the best that the market offers. The TriBeCa counter top washbasin is the right fixture for those who love a modern yet functional bathroom.