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Washbasin 90 cm

    Minimalism: the 90 cm Ego washbasin

    The concept of minimalism has literally upset the world of interior design and home decor. Those who want to comply with the strict rules imposed by this new style, know well that the superfluous is not admitted and that the environment must be rigorously simple and essential but, at the same time, refined. Therefore, it is not easy to furnish a room in a minimalist style. If you are looking for a unique piece of furniture to embellish your bathroom, the 90 cm Ego washbasin is the best product you could wish for. Defining it as minimalist, it would be extremely simplistic. It is characterized by clean and geometric lines that almost make it a sculptural work rather than a very simple bathroom fixture.

    A suspended sink

    The 90 cm Ego washbasin is not floor-mounted like most of the old washbasins used to be. It is wall-mounted, in the sense that it is fixed directly to the wall and can therefore be installed freely wherever you want. This possibility leaves one's imagination a maximum margin of movement and really allows you to build the bathroom of your dreams without being worried about the size and the space taken by the sink. This is undoubtedly an advantage, especially considering that the square footage of modern bathrooms is less than that of older bathrooms. With ever-smaller spaces available, choosing the right furniture becomes not only a priority, but an urgent need.

    A sink designed for an extremely modern environment

    Returning to the purely technical characteristics of the 90 cm Ego washbasin, its design forms a perfect rectangle. Its slightly blunt edges minimize, however, the excessive seriousness and rigidity that would arise from the typical sharp corners of most washbasins. It is worth noting that this sink is entirely made of ceramic, the only material that you can really count on. Being an element with a minimalist charm, it is rigorously white, a dazzling white that will give great light to the bathroom where this beautiful washbasin is placed. It is necessary to point out, once again, that the 90 cm Ego washbasin has a rather thick, wide edge that will allow you to keep various objects, both decorative and functional, at hand. Their style must obviously be matched with the sink, nothing overly fussy. Concerning the setting, the design of this washbasin leaves no room for doubt: being so minimalist and essential in style, it is addressed exclusively to an ultra-modern or contemporary environment. In a different context, for example in a classic context, it would be completely inappropriate. Ideally, it would be well-coordinated with trendy fixtures, which are also wall-mounted, in order to create an environment worth being on a magazine cover in which design dominates.