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Suspended washbasins to complete the interior design of your bathroom: discover all the models available in our collection!

Suspended washbasins, what are they and what are their advantages?

A Kerasan suspended washbasin is the most suitable choice for space-saving solutions for your bathroom. They are called "suspended" because they are wall-mounted and secured directly to the wall. The optical effect of suspension is given thanks to "hidden" mounting under or behind the washbasin.

Suspended washbasins are therefore an appreciated solution in terms of aesthetics, efficiency and design. Aesthetically, they allow you to eliminate the pedestals or semi-pedestals and give an optical effect of occupying less space. Functionally, as already mentioned, they are the best space-saving solution. Therefore, the area under the washbasin is free and it can be used in more appropriate way.

In the Kerasan collections, it is also possible to choose a suspended washbasin mounted on a piece of furniture or on wall units. Another advantage of this bathroom fixture is that it is easy to clean and consequently time saving. Moreover, it creates a perfect combination of design and everyday life.

Suspended washbasins, made of fine fire clay, can be considered an excellent solution in terms of resistance and durability over time. They are crack and scratch-resistant, and they can endure even the most   corrosive cleaning products for years.

Various shapes and efficiency in home bathrooms

The need for style, aesthetics and efficiency, which are at the base of washbasin production, have been deeply analysed to provide private individuals, architects, builders and interior designers with all those elements in order to make the best choices.

Among the shapes included in the collections on this page, we can find corner washbasins, round, elliptical, rectangular shaped basins and basins with double square washbasins.
Each shape has the prestige and the advantage of "giving” the home environment an empty space under the sink, without the awkward and traditional pedestals or vanity units. These suspended solutions allow you to use the empty space better or to leave it completely unfurnished.

Among Kerasan collections you can also choose washbasins with one drawer, wall hung washbasins with a wall unit, with a side towel rail or with a shelf.
In this way, a correct compromise is reached between a "simple" suspended solution and a fully-equipped basin which lets you achieve the desired spatial and geometrical results.
The shapes of the suspended washbasins are fluid and dynamic. They provide a sense of visual compactness while being the top in terms of domestic and dimensional efficiency.

The style and the dimensions

A suspended washbasin is the bathroom fixture that allows a greater touch of customization in bathroom decoration because of its dimensional innovation and its various shapes, as already mentioned. They extend from the more classical lines to the more sculptural, squared or rounded ones.
The dimensions of suspended washbasins by Kerasan meet all your needs. The width ranges from 40 cm in the small washbasin and to the largest width of 150 cm in the big washbasin. There are models for every demand or measurement requirement in our catalogue.