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washbasin 90 cm

    How to choose the perfect 90 cm washbasin

    Buying a 90 cm washbasin for your bathroom is an operation that deserves attention so as not to find yourself with a piece of furniture that, both in terms of performance and style, does not fully meet your needs. Even if the market offers many models of inexpensive washbasins made with second-choice materials, we suggest spending a little more and buying a suitable and functional element, made of high-quality ceramic. If you want to enhance your bathroom with a designer sink, carrying out a targeted search on the web is recommended to have a clear idea of what the best solution at the most convenient price may be and so as not to waste time. Among the many collections available online, the Flo line stands out for its simple and clean shape and impeccable finish, factors which make the 90x42 washbasin unique and immediately recognizable. Born from the creative inspiration of Alfredo Anzellini, a multi-talented artist of international fame, this item can be purchased alone or combined with other matching elements of the same collection, for example the toilet and the bidet, creating a pleasant continuity of style.

    Features and performance of the Flo washbasin

    In addition to having a great visual impact, this basin is made of high-quality white ceramic, 100% made in Italy. It is an element of undeniable quality, right from the initial design phase, attention has been given to detail. Its natural beauty remains unchanged over time even after many years of use. It can be installed both in the wall-hung version, ideal if you have modern bathroom furniture, and in the counter top version, more indicated if a classic style prevails in your bathroom. The innovative concept blends perfectly with sobriety and essential shapes, making this fixture versatile and easy to position, thus enhancing even a second bathroom. Practical and functional, the 90 cm Flo washbasin is an intelligent choice considering its compactness and high shock-resistance which protects the smooth, perfection of its surface. This washbasin ensures stability and solidity. It is also trendy, aesthetically beautiful and capable of making the difference!

    The importance of a certified and guaranteed washbasin

    One of the strengths of this sink is the originality of the basin, designed to be visibly inviting and pleasant to the touch while being very capacious, making it suitable and ideal to be used by the whole family. Made with the latest machinery and environmental-friendly processing techniques that do not include treatment with toxic substances harmful for your health and the environment, the 90 cm washbasin is water-repellent and resistant to abrupt thermal changes. It is also provided with the quality certification UNI EN ISO 9001: 2008 and guaranteed in compliance with current regulations in the field: an added value not to be underestimated. Its ergonomic shape facilitates its use and being oval makes it an excellent space-saving solution, especially in small bathrooms, where you can gain precious centimetres. Maintenance is very easy with an ordinary cleaning methods and without any particular effort or the use of expensive, chemically aggressive detergents.