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Washbasin 40 cm

    The Flo collection 40 cm handbasin is a suspended bathroom fixture with an elegant and ultra-contemporary design, a product that, together with the other accessories of the same collection, carefully decorates the bathroom, transforming it into the ideal place for those moments of the day dedicated to relaxation and daily well-being. A collection of sanitary wares capable of creating an intimate and particularly regenerating atmosphere, which allows everyone a vigorous start to their day, in a beautiful and elegant bathroom.

    The 40 cm Flo washbasin gives a touch of personality to your bathroom

    With its curved lines, the 40 cm washbasin, like all bathroom fixtures of the Flo collection, was designed by Simone Anzellini, who was inspired by the shapes of the stems and petals of flowers. In fact, the name of the collection is the contraction of the English term flower, a word that well represents the refinement and the gracefulness of this designer washbasin made of high-quality ceramic. This washbasin, both in terms of shape and material chosen, well-designed even in the smallest detail, does nothing but honour ‘Made in Italy' by telling a success story.

    With the Flo collection, the bathroom enhances its look with solutions that are as original as beautiful

    With Flo, bathroom decoration not only achieves a top-quality standard in terms of beauty, but also shows a timeless design that will not go out of fashion. Moreover, by choosing bathroom fixtures from the Flo collection, all the space available in the bathroom can be studied and improved. The result will be a welcoming and pleasant bathroom, perfect in every detail, whose success is determined by a particularly fine design and fashionable colours.

    With the 40 cm Flo washbasin, a sanitary fixture made of innovative materials has been created

    A product that persuades, not only for its simply and unusual nature, but also for the technical characteristics of the material which it is made of. This sanitary ware is a tribute to ecology because it was produced in compliance with an eco-friendly manufacturing process, free of toxic and polluting substances. It is a washbasin that, in addition to being designed in accordance with the standards of ergonomics, also deserves attention because it is water repellent and resistant to thermal shock.