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console basin 100

    One hole (three holes on demand) console basin 100x55 white with aluminium legs

    The Retro collection 100 cm console sink, designed by Alfredo Anzellini and Massimiliano Cicconi for Kerasan, evokes a romantic atmosphere and features a design inspired by the past. With its an elegant and refined style, the 100 cm console sink is the perfect fixture and thanks to its considerable attractiveness, it is exactly what you need to give your bathroom character. It will be especially attractive for those who are on the lookout for an old-time elegance in a contemporary style bathroom.

    The 100 cm console sink for classy bathrooms

    The 100 cm console sink by Kerasan is made of high-quality porcelain. It comes in a rectangular shape with rounded corners and an oval central basin. It allows you to furnish a classy bathroom by enhancing the environment and improving the usability of the bathroom by adding fittings in the same style. The side areas of the sink are useful for placing a soap dish and keeping personal care products within easy reach while avoiding wall-mounted accessories that oblige you to drill holes in the wall. Alternatively, you can install the console sink on a wooden chest of drawers, reaching a high degree of customization in terms of style and colour variations.

    The 100 cm console sink for unusual environments

    Beautiful, convenient and easy to clean, the 100 cm console basin with its glass-like water-resistant coating is a versatile piece of furniture that adapts to different style environments. To tell the truth, with this Retro console sink, you can give the green light to your creativity and recreate atmospheres inspired by the Belle Epoque or even create a more modern style setting, using it as a contrasting element especially if combined with contemporary style furniture and dark-coloured wall or floor tiles.