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100x45 washbasin with towel holder

    Washbasin with a towel rail: when practicality wins in the bathroom

    When we need to furnish the bathroom, we can never leave anything to chance and we must do our best to ensure that everything in the room is correctly organised and that there are no obstacles in the way.

    That is why, especially if we do not have a lot of space, the 100x45 cm washbasin with its towel rail becomes the perfect solution to furnish a bathroom with elegance and panache, exploiting all the possible floor surface without cluttering it up.

    Not surprisingly, the 100x45 cm washbasin and towel rail by Kerasan, thanks to its reasonable and minimum overall dimensions, can be chosen whenever we want to furnish the bathroom with a refined and minimal style without too many frills. Suitable for both large and smaller environments, even for furnishing a half or a quarter bathroom, this washbasin with its towel rail gives allure and charm to a room that is often underestimated.

    Why choose a washbasin with integrated towel rail

     As we have just anticipated, furnishing the bathroom is never as simple or obvious as it may appear at first. In addition to choosing the right bathroom fixtures, it is necessary to buy interior design items that best meet our real needs. Specifically, a washbasin with a towel rail has two functions in one: besides the well-known performance, it allows users to keep the whole surrounding environment tidy and clean especially when one or more towels are needed.

    Convenient and functional at the same time, the 100x45 cm washbasins with towel rails by Kerasan are the very emblem of a brand that has always considered customers with high regard. And this sincere consideration for the customers can be translated into washbasins produced with the highest quality raw materials and designed for long-term use. Furthermore, the solution of the 100x45 cm washbasin with integrated towel rail is particularly inviting and attractive from an aesthetic point of view. The white ceramic of the washbasin goes perfectly with the chrome plating of the taps and the metal "holders" provided as towel rails: a minimal and sober style that never goes out of fashion.

    Tradition and innovation: the Kerasan mission

     When you admire the furnishing solutions proposed by Kerasan for the bathroom, you will be fascinated by the elegance and charm they display. Not surprisingly, the 100x45 cm washbasin with towel rail is one of the flagships of the Cento collection, one of the most innovative and sophisticated lines by Kerasan, whose factory is situated in Civita Castellana. Thanks to its compact size, the purity, linearity and the clever play of contrasts between colours and materials, this washbasin with its towel rail is the highlight of an impressive collection, suspended between past and present, between tradition and innovation. A "smart" choice and a winning idea for a bathroom that arises not simply as a crossing point but as an elegant, sophisticated, essential, and fully furnished space.