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Corner washbasin 57x45

    A Retro- style corner washbasin

    Creating a contrast between modern and classical interior decoration, or vice versa, the 41 cm corner basin is one of the most exciting challenges for those who are working in the field of design. It is the perfect synthesis between these two diametrically opposite worlds. It is considered one of the most emblematic elements of the wide Kerasan range. It embodies all the philosophy of the Retro collection. The name of the range, to which it belongs, anticipates in part the style of the washbasin itself: its lines are wonderfully classic, recalling atmospheres which are far away in time and space. This does not mean, however, that the corner washbasin cannot be relocated in a fully modern context, in fact, it is possible to create a space that, while maintaining a retro-style tendency, still conforms fully with modern-style trends.

    A corner washbasin for small bathrooms

    The rather small dimensions of this washbasin - 30 cm. in height, 57.5 cm in width and 58 cm. in depth - make it particularly suitable for bathrooms where the priority is to make better use of the limited space available. You can save space if you position it in a corner so that you can place other sanitary ware in a more practical and appropriate way. It does not have a pedestal, but a simple drain pipe to be connected to the wall, therefore it occupies minimal space. In order to enrich its magnificent retro-style design, it is also possible to choose a well-matched faucet in chrome with two vintage knobs to control the water temperature.

    An extremely versatile corner washbasin

    It is not necessary, as we have said, to place this washbasin in a classic setting. Its unmistakable retro-style goes very well with today's fashionable wall and floor tiles, as well as with wall-hung sanitary ware and bath-tubs of contemporary taste. The result of these apparently risky combinations is incredible: your bathroom will be unique from a stylistic point of view and very different from the usual monotonous, stereotype bathrooms which are decorated only to follow the current fashion.